Whiten Your Smile: The Celebrities Secret To A Bright White Smile

Whiten Your Smile: The Celebrities Secret To A Bright White Smile

From athletes to business people, comedians, and even pageant queens, a smile that’s shown to millions of fans needs to be as white and natural-looking as possible. 

That's why we were thrilled to be featured in the New York Post, in an article titled: "Whiten Your Teeth With The Celebrity-Loved Natural Teeth Whitener System".

Primal Life Organics LED Teeth Whitening System featured in the New York Post


A white smile may seem hard to achieve, especially for coffee drinkers and red wine lovers. However, those indulgences shouldn’t stop you from having white teeth.

Enter the Primal Life Organics LED Teeth Whitening System.

The system uses blue light to eliminate bacteria that cause “internal yellowing” not just on your teeth but in your gums, too. Blue light improves both the speed and effectiveness of the whitening process, by boosting your ‘tooth metabolism’ and accelerating youthful healing.

It also uses red light, to help improve the gums and overall quality of your mouth. 

What makes the LED Teeth Whitening System different from competitor brands is that it uses a remineralizing gel made with natural ingredients to keep your teeth strong, while it whitens, unlike peroxide-whitening treatments.

Additionally, if you have plaque on your teeth, there’s no amount of bleaching that’ll give you a white smile. It’s like putting a coat of paint on a piece of wood, without sanding the wood first - you’re whitening plaque, nothing more.

But with the blue light on the LED Teeth whitener, you'll lift plaque from your mouth so you can clean the surfaces of your teeth without any gunk standing in the way.

Some of our celebrity clients include JP Sears, investor and Shark Tank personality Daymond John and even the 2023 Miss Maryland USA, Savena Mushinge.

“I had bleeding gums from gingivitis; I started using the Real White system and now my gums are healthy and my smile is so white. A smile is everything to me, but oral health is where all health begins. Even you gotta try this,” said Sears.

Join the ranks of celebrity fans and get the bright white smile you've always dreamed of with the LED Teeth Whitening System!