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Real food heals the body!  Thats exactly what is in Banished and Beyond Primal Face Package- a real food treatment for acne.  Beth tells her story:
In December 2011 I decided to get off birth control after being on it for 18 years with no breaks. I was 35 at the time and this is where my story of acne began.  Within three months my face literally exploded with tiny bumps. I looked like I had a "beard" of pimples.  

banished and Beyond Primal Face Package for AcneSoon I was dealing with cystic acne and then my chest and back decided to join in on the pimple party. Needless to say, I was devastated. Especially since I had only dealt with the usual period pimple and nothing other then that during my entire teenage years.  Drastic times called for drastic measures so I PILED on the make up and spent thousands of dollars on expensive products, facials and doctors and medication. Some treatments helped for a bit but nothing was getting rid of the problem so I finally was convinced by a friend to go to a nutritionist who suggested I try a paleo lifestyle. She gave me a well known book to start my research and this is where road to being acne free story begins. 


Through the Paleo grapevine I found Primal Life Organics and since my body was feeling amazing I figured these Paleo people might possibly know something about skincare. I started with purchasing the Banished Cleanser and fell in love right away. My skin felt SO clean!  I then purchased the rest of the Banished line and I kid you not, in one week the texture of my face did a complete 180 turnaround. Since February 2012 I haven't been able to touch my face and feel smooth skin, I used to recoil in disgust because of all the bumps. And now I touch my skin and I'm amazed at how it is healing!!  It's now been about one and a half months since I've started using PLO and my skin has healed to about 85% and I am extremely grateful. I love that I can use the products and feel confident knowing they are actually GOOD for me holistically. There is nothing causing harm to any other part of my body for the sake of my facial skin and that feels amazing.  Thank you Primal Life Organics for giving me my skin back!
Beth Spicka

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