The experts that created the best vitamin C serum available answer the most frequently asked questions about their real-food sourced serum creatively named C-Ex.

Liz and Trina discuss:
Why they chose the ingredients in C-ex
What makes C-ex different from other vitamin C serums available
Why C-Ex is more expensive
… and general life topics (kids, work, family, staying young)


It’s a NATURAL vitamin C serum, utilizing the world’s most vitamin C rich oils and superfood extracts, and vitamin C is a powerful nutrient that brings life back to the skin – “ex-ing” out damage and deterioration.

Antioxidants found in vitamins are one of the most powerful ways to protect the skin, destroy free radicals and recover your young looking skin. Vitamin C is a POWERFUL antioxidant, and we wanted to harness its power in a natural, nutrient-packed serum!

This serum will help

  • bring softness and elasticity back to the skin,
  • make skin tone more vibrant and supple, and
  • provide anti-oxidants to tired, dragging, damaged skin!



Ineffective Vitamin C Preparations: Wanting to offer vitamin C products, many companies have used derivatives of vitamin C, such as ascorbyl palmitate and magnesium ascorbyl phosphate. Derivatives are easier to stabilize, but they are not L-ascorbic acid, which is the only form of vitamin C the body can use. Furthermore, lab-made vitamin C can cause more harm than good. For more information about the harmful effects of lab-made vitamin C, please read this.

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