Amplifying Your Oral Health With Trina Felber

Amplifying Your Oral Health With Trina Felber

How much attention do you pay to your oral health? Our mouth helps us breathe, eat, drink, and talk - it’s a primary function in all aspects of life.

That being said, too many people let their oral health slide, putting in minimal effort and succumbing to toxic products.

Our Founder Trina Felber recently went on the Well Woman Podcast to “mouth off” about all things oral health and how we can improve our own.

With a nursing background, Trina started Primal Life Organics after suffering a miscarriage, discovering she was being exposed to toxins in her mainstream beauty products.

Today, Primal Life Organics is known around the world and used by hundreds of thousands of people to upgrade their oral and skincare health, heal and prevent cavities, and fix chronic bad breath, sensitive teeth, stained, yellow teeth, and other oral health problems you may be experiencing.

In this conversation, Trina talks about the background that led her to become interested in the oral health space. She shares why our oral health is so important, signs that we should look out for, supplements and products to support our oral microbiome, why your mouth needs a "dental detox", the toxins in mainstream mouthwash and toothpaste, and top tips for improving your oral health.

Listen to the podcast here.