How Natural Oral Care Supports Optimal Health

How Natural Oral Care Supports Optimal Health

“All good health starts inside your mouth.”

That's how we started the show when I appeared on Erica Ziel's podcast.

As a CEO, registered nurse, and mom on a mission, I'm passionate about educating people on natural improving oral care for stronger, cleaner, whiter teeth and improved overall health. 

It's not just about preventing cavities. Your mouth is the gateway to your body. An unhealthy mouth can lead to gum disease, heart issues, diabetes, inflammatory bowel disease, Alzheimer's and so much more.

In this podcast, we talk about:

  • [02:49] The story behind Trina's passion for dental health
  • [08:14] My personal testimonial with Primal Life Organics products
  • [13:10] Why you need a healthy microbiome inside your mouth and how to improve it
  • [21:55] Is fluoride good for your teeth?
  • [29:32] 3 key things that you want in your dental products
  • [36:39] Can you brush with just baking soda or charcoal?
  • [38:26] How to know if you’re brushing correctly (or too aggressively) and Trina's brushing tips
  • [46:00] Benefits of using red and blue light in your mouth

Upgrade your mouth health with a natural oral care routine that works! Listen to the podcast here.

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