I Discovered The Secret To Strong Teeth

92% of adults 20 to 64 have had dental caries in their permanent teeth.

Surprising?  Not really when you know why!  Is there a safe solution to having strong teeth that resists cavities?  Yes… and it’s really pretty simple!  It is something that your dentist hasn’t told you because he may not know!

Dental health is extremely important- and most toothpastes could actually be doing more harm than good.  The harm comes from the toxins (artificial sweeteners, foaming agents and fluoride) they contain and the minerals they may leach from your teeth over time.  Further damage comes from the poisons that may enter your bloodstream through your gum tissue and the fact that most toothpaste does not contain any minerals to strengthen your teeth.  Fluoride it typically honored in the dental community to prevent cavities… but I believe that it is a poison that should not be a part of our dental routine.

Besides, I know there is a safer alternative that treats the root cause of cavities: demineralization!  So… if we replace the minerals that are lost then our teeth should be strong and healthy!

Have you ever flipped your tube over to read the ingredients??  I encourage you to really examine what you are brushing your teeth with.  Chances are, it could be filled with carcinogenic, neurotoxic and cytotoxic ingredients. 

These toxins can do more damage to your insides than you think (cancer, muscle weakness, memory loss, neurological problems, etc.).  Check out this warning that can be found on fluoride containing toothpastes!


Commercial toothpaste may clean your teeth, but they do nothing to improve the health of your teeth.

Your teeth are made up of minerals.  Because of diet and natural wear and tear, minerals are continuously being lost by the teeth.  It only becomes a problem (cavity) if these lost minerals are not replaced.

Problem: Minerals cannot be leached from your bloodstream, so you cannot take a mineral supplement and expect your teeth to benefit.  

These minerals must be present in your mouth either through your diet or your toothpaste.  Unfortunately, processed foods have little nutritional value including minerals, and whole foods these days are grown in mineral depleted soil.  Agricultural practices (including the use of fertilizers, pesticides and the like) have depleted the soil of nutrients to the extent that today, you would need to eat eight oranges to derive the same amount of vitamin A as our grandparents would have gotten from one.
Furthermore, the gums are very vascular and any sign of breakdown or inflammation (redness, bleeding) is a direct portal of entry for bacteria, viruses and toxins from your toothpaste.

You can replace the minerals in your teeth, but this must happen in your mouth… and the conditions must be right or remineralization will not happen.

What are the six conditions for REMINERALIZATION to occur?

  1. There MUST be minerals in the saliva (from food/toothpaste)
  2. CARBONIC ACID must be produced from water (saliva) mixing with CO2 (breath)
  3. CARBONIC ACID must be produced in proximity to a mineral molecule- which it DISSOLVES into it’s IONIC component
  4. Reaction MUST occur in CLOSE proximity to a demineralized spot that requires the EXACT mineral ion.
  5. Defective spot on the tooth must be CLEAN so the mineral deficient spot is accessible.
  6. Carbonic acid converts back to CO2 and water which allows the mineral to enter the demineralized spot on the tooth.

Unfortunately, most commercial toothpastes contain glycerin- and glycerin leaves a coating on the teeth which will prevent remineralization from happening even if the minerals are present because in order for a mineral to be able to enter the enamel, the tooth must be clean (without a coating).  Furthermore, as discussed above, toothpaste does not contain minerals, just harmful ingredients that can even cause demineralization.

SOLUTION: It’s easier than you think!

I created a unique, safe solution for improving dental health.  Not only does it clean the teeth (very important to allow remineralization to occur), but it contains the exact minerals the teeth need to stay strong and replace the minerals that are lost.

My Dirty Mouth Toothpowder gently cleans the teeth and is made from three different clays that contain the exact minerals the teeth need to replace lost minerals. Interestingly, Dirty Mouth Toothpowder simply satisfies every condition that must be present for remineralization to occur.

If you don’t feel your teeth are STRONG and want a safe alternative, Dirty Mouth Toothpowder is and effective solution for children and adults.

I created Dirty Mouth Toothpowder because my daughter, at the age of two, had a defect in one of her molars.  The dentist did not feel the tooth would last a year and put a temporary filling in the tooth to try to buy some time.  I knew there had to be a way to strengthen the integrity of the tooth.  In my research, I discovered mineral rich clay and developed my solution for cleaning, healing and strengthening the teeth.  Clay not only provides minerals, it detoxifies the teeth and gum tissue as well helping to prevent gingivitis and dental diseases.

Clay…. It really works.  Five years later and the original “temporary” filling is still intact and the tooth is strong and healthy.  The dentist is baffled and believes the tooth will naturally fall out when it is replaced by her permanent molar.

Put the minerals where they are needed- the surface of clean teeth and your chances for having strong teeth drastically improve.  Dirty Mouth Toothpowder effectively cleans and whitens the teeth!  For added whitening power, try BLACK formula made with charcoal!

For more information about How To Improve Your Dental Health… please watch my informational video: How To Remineralize Your Teeth!


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