This week starts our Guest Yoga Instructor Classes!

Tracy Rhinehart gives us a full body stretch with a twist on the mind connection. Have you ever experienced a word-box?  Have you set your intention or just let “life happen”?  Is it easy for you to focus… or could you use a little assistance?

Tracy has developed her own twist on focus and intention by creating a Word-box.  I have had a strong desire for my own set because I am a believer in uplifting the mind beyond the limits I have set.  What I mean is this, sometimes i create boundaries for my mind.  I have read that we only use 10% of our brains… and I know I have set limits that never come close to my full potential.  When I try to set my own intentions, i do it within the boundaries of my own limitations that I have already “pre-set”.  But when I let “chance” happen, I can do so much more.

For instance, with my company, Primal Life Organics, if I had set my intention for my company within the boundaries of my comfort-zone… it would never be what it is today.  Instead, when the conception formed, I removed the boundaries of “what ifs” and created an open space of ideas in my mind.  I never formed a “word” for this intention, I just let each set it’s own intention and focused on achieving more than what I envisioned.

Today, I use the word-box Tracy developed to help create my intention for each day.

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Word-Box: Set your intention

Sometimes the meaning behind the word I pick is immediately clear.  Other times, it is a mystery that gets revealed during the day.  None-the-less, my focus is set and my daily intention is far greater than my mind can set and I accomplish so much more.  The WORD becomes my daily mantra… today’s word is COURAGE and I immediately knew the meaning behind it.  It is clear that I can do anything I have the courage to face.

Enjoy Tracy’s Work-In yoga session and her word-box will be available to purchase soon.  I will definitely let you know when you can get your own… but until then, create your own word and go beyond your minds limits!

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