Work-In Yoga Speak Your Truth

This week, the Primal Life Organics team welcomes yoga instructor Gretchen Horinger to our lives.  Believing in yourself is not always easy… and must be practiced.  Speaking your truth is even harder.  Devote time to speaking your truth and free your mind!

Enjoy this 15 minute yoga session… open your heart and your voice will follow!

~Trina Felber, CEO Primal Life Organics

Learn how to Speak Your Truth through yoga.  Gretchen is the Community Outreach Director at Human Unlimited Yoga Studio in Akron, Ohio.  It is a donation-based yoga experience and every class is streamed LIVE on Facebook.  I am introducing you to Gretchen, but you can continue to take her classes via the facebook for Human Unlimited.

If you are a yogi… or just want to look like one, check out their cool tee shirts!   especially the new Live Your Truth edition!

So with Human Unlimited, we’re focused on the macro and the micro. We have a keen interest in what it is to be human, how we work, and how we can unleash the potential within us to change the world and to change lives – for the better.