Do you have sensitive teeth?  A "soft spot"?  Are you concerned that your teeth are becoming brittle??  There is an easy solution to strengthen your teeth. 

Have you ever wondered:

  1. What is Dirty Mouth Toothpowder?
  2. How does it work?
  3. Is brushing with baking soda okay?
  4. What's wrong with my toothpaste?
  5. How can I make sure my teeth stay strong?

Trina answers some FAQ about Dirty Mouth Toothpowder in this video.  


Roberta Amico on

Nevermind – I found the answer on your web site – thanks

Roberta Amico on

I have been using the peppermint toothpowder and really like it. I was interested to find out the charcoal one (whiter teeth?) but I take medication and heard that charcoal isn’t good for persons on prescription medicine. Since the tooth powder is not swallowed would this be an issue?

Yvie on

Thank you so much for your presentation. I just finished watching it.
I have been making my own tooth cleaning paste for about a year now after having difficulty initially finding Fluoride free products. I live in the Middle East for the time being, I had to hand
some organic Fullers Earth with essential oils face mask which I added a little of. Plus a couple of Charcoal capsule contents. I will be going to Europe for a short time soon & can pick up some clays to fine tune my recipe. :-) :-)

P Clarkson on

Can I put the powder into coconut oil and then brush?

Nancy on

My dentist and hygienist look at me like I have two heads when I mention I don’t want to use fluoride toothpaste! They tell me it’s the only thing that prevents cavities and my teeth need it. What do I say to them?

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