Teens with Acne- What To Do Naturally?

I have to share this story, because I get this question very frequently from concerned parents.

Teen and pre-teens with acne can be very devastated and the search for acne treatments often leads to commercial skincare with chemicals, skin irritants, benzoyl peroxide (skin irritant and cancer causing) and fragrances (also skin irritant, cancer causing, endocrine dysfunction, neurotoxin and reproductive dysfunction).  If you seek medical treatment, your options include prescription medications like accutane and antibiotics.

Please read the discussion I had with Samantha about her 11 1/2 year old daughter.
Dear Trina
I must start by letting you know that I love your products and their ingredients. I will have to admit, I took a break from them for awhile thinking I’d try something from a dermatologist that might heal my acne more quickly. Wow, what a waste of time and money. My face did not enjoy the harsh chemicals nor the stomach upset from the antibiotics:( 

I recently placed an order and cannot wait to receive it! Anyway, I’ve got a question for you about my daughter who noticed a few pimples on her forehead the other day. She used some Clinique powder to cover them up and now she has a ton more around that area. She is devastated and wants to use more powder to cover them up. Ugh!!!! I’m wondering if she had a reaction to the powder?!? Would you recommend she use the Bare Package to get her breakout under control. Here is a pic of her face. She is 11.5 and I’m sure puberty is on its way.

Hi Samantha,

Yeah- I’m glad to hear you are back! Yes, the Bare Package is the perfect place to start for her. It will help normalize her skin, and for kids, many times, it’s all they need. If she wants something to help heal the breakouts, the Banished Serum would help them heal quickly and without scars (not sure if you have any- but I would recommend showing her how to use it the first time and using less than one drop- especially since it;s above her eyes. Keep it away from the eyes because it contains cayenne pepper. If it gets in her eyes, it will sting for 15-20 minutes but will not hurt the eyes.)

If you have the Banished toner, she could spritz that on as well. Keep me posted and let me know how she does.


Hi Trina! I wanted to send you an update on my daughters face. After 8 days of using Bare, look at these results:) and the area above her right eye is a mole:) I am shocked at how well she healed up. THANK YOU!


*Photo is untouched

Yeah Samantha,
I am so proud!! I am a firm believer that commercial topical treatments and skincare are so loaded with skin irritants and chemicals that can be the cause (or contribute to) acne- especially in teens! I am so glad to hear it cleared her up!

This can also be true for adults that suffer from mild acne.  It is very possible that your acne is worsened or caused by the products you are using on your skin. I know when I stopped using commercial skincare and harsh acne treatments, and created my own line, my acne disappeared.  This will not be the case for everyone, and diet, hormones, environment, as well as stress also play a role in causing/aggravating acne.
Bare Face Package is a great options for kids, teens and adults who suffer from acne and want to ditch the chemicals. Sometimes, the chemicals cause our cells to dysfunction, become congested or mutated and acne or some other skin condition results.  Bare allows the cells of the skin to normalize, function properly, decongest and heal.
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**I only recommend the Banished Blemish Serum for pre-teens or teens with adult supervision.  Please read the warnings listed on the webpage. 
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