Bug-Off! That’s Right- Enjoy The Outdoors Pest-Free!


Mosquitos. The pest we can live without.

Warm weather brings flying objects (not the pretty ones) and spray cans loaded with chemicals! It’s true bugs are offended by odors- especially lab-made noxious chemicals that make us sick. Mosquitoes and other flying pests may be smarter than us humans. While they avoid toxic odors (DEET), we have no problem spraying ourselves from head to toe! Plants live in harmony with bugs and flying pests! Ever wonder how they survive the BITE of the wild? Plants produce oils that give off odors that bugs and pests don’t like- and they leave them alone.

For many reasons, most of us want to stay as far away from flying insects as possible. Stings, rashes, reactions and easily transmitted diseases; West Nile Virus, encephalitis, and malaria, are a few reasons many prefer to spray on the DEET or other toxic insect-spray, to prevent bites, stings and interactions.

Lets be honest though, insects have an extremely acute sensitivity to odors- more so than humans, because as they avoid toxic odors, we are more than happy to spray, slather and bathe in the nasty and noxious chemicals. Apparently, mosquitos and other flying pests know danger when they smell it.

How did Mother Nature solve the pest problem?

Since insects and plants evolved together, complex interactions developed between them. Just as many plants can use odors to attract pollinators, they can also produce scents to ward off insects that might eat or harm them. Many of these scents come from oils produced by the plants and these oils can repel bugs and pests. Combining several different plant oils offers the best protection against various pesky-biters.

What’s wrong with commercial bug spray?

DEET (N,N-Diethyl-meta-toluamide, that’s right, say it again!) has been around for over 50 years and is a toxic chemical commonly found in commercial bug spray repellents that is easily absorbed from the skin and distributed to all organs including the brain (and the fetus, if pregnant). This chemical, used to repel mosquitoes, has an extensive history of causing seizures in adults and children potentially leading to death. DEET has been found in the placental blood of newborns.

In 2013, a study found that mosquitoes could temporarily overcome or adapt to DEET making the use of DEET not worth the consequence of localized skin irritation, large painful blisters and permanent scarring of skin

Products containing DEET are meant to be sprayed on the clothing (not directly on the skin) and skin should be washed immediately once inside. When combined with a sunscreen containing oxybenzone, DEET is more rapidly absorbed by the skin, and therefore more harmful to the body.

DEET has been shown to be toxic to humans and domestic animals, and reactions can be severe, rapid and sometimes fatal. The compound directly affects the central nervous system, causing seizures and comas; children are particularly susceptible to its effects in concentrated formulations.

Offend The Bugs, Not Your Brain!

Since I look to Mother Nature for solutions to common problems, creating a Bug Spray that is effective and safe seemed only natural! Plants live with bugs and pests. They cannot go inside when the mosquitos come out or pull out a can of DEET- if they did, the plant would most likely die from toxic overload.

Plants have developed their own protection against the dangers of the great outdoors. Being outdoors should be as delicious for your body as it is for your soul… so, don’t spray on the toxic chemicals. Get ready for Primal Life Organics Boot-a-pest™ Bug Spray!

Boot-a-pest™ Bug Spray is 100% natural, effective and safe against flying pests. Made with the ingredients Mother Nature gifted to the plants for their own protection.

My love for outdoors, plants and Mother Nature led me to create a Bug Spray worth going outside for! Made with the natural odors and oils from the plants themselves!

We made it last summer and tested it camping, fishing and just playing around! It’s safe, plant based, effective and delicious for your body- but not the bugs!

Boot-a-pest Bug Spray Ingredients: Witch Hazel* infused with Thyme*, Lavender Flowers*, Rosemary Leaf*, Neem Leaf*, Catnip Leaf*; Peppermint Essential Oil*, Citronella Essential Oil*, Clove Bud Essential Oil*, Geranium Essential Oil*, Tea Tree Essential Oil*, Lavender Essential Oil*

Boot-a-pest Pregnancy Bug Spray Ingredients: Witch Hazel* infused with Thyme*, Lavender Flowers*, Rosemary Leaf*, Neem Leaf*; Peppermint Essential Oil*, Geranium Essential Oil*, Tea Tree Essential Oil*, Lavender Essential Oil*

*Certified Organic