Preventing The Polluted Baby

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My story begins with my first pregnancy. The discovery that I was unknowingly poisoning myself with chemicals multiple times each day.

I became pregnant on my wedding/honeymoon in 2007 on the beautiful islands of Fuji. I was 39 years young and ecstatic that it happened so quickly. Sadly, that little one was only with me for seven short weeks before I miscarried.

I was devastated but determined to examine my environment looking for anything that could be harming my body, and my baby.

I became pregnant again shortly after and as I neared week seven, I feared for this baby’s life. One morning, I was getting ready for work and I happened to glance at my moisturizer. The ingredients! I was being poisoned and so was my baby!

The first trimester is when the entire nervous system is formed and most of the chemicals, including those that make up ‘fragrances’ are neuro-toxins.

Chemicals that are put in commercial skin care to extend the shelf life, emulsify water with oi, thicken, smooth and enhance absorption- have all been identified in the cord blood of newborn babies.

Without a second thought, I knew I had to unplug from Big Cosmo. This may not have been the cause of my miscarriage, but if I could prevent the pollution of my unborn baby…I had to do it!

I began with simple and easy solutions – olive oil. From there I started creating my own products.

One of my missions is to educate men and women of the dangers of commercial skincare on their unborn babies. I believe every skincare product that contains chemicals should have this warning on the label:

Warning, do not use if you are trying to conceive, or if you are pregnant. Chemicals added have been known to cause cancer, DNA mutations, neurotoxicity, endocrine disorders, kidney damage and more.

Happy to say, Mia was born in 2008! Healthy, happy, and with a full head of jet black hair (just like I had). Cash and Roman followed two years later- just as happy.  Just as healthy and with just as much hair!

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