50 Ways To Women's Wellness

50 Ways To Women's Wellness
50 Ways To Womens Wellness


First off, if you are reading this WHILE feeling exhausted... I will skip to the chase!  Just go directly HERE to sign up.  Let's make this super easy, not overcomplicated.  BUSY = OVERWHELMED!  I am here to get you OVER "whelmed"!

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A little story about me.  You might be able to relate. 

I remember a day when I was 35 years old, single and BORED.  I distinctly remember waking up one morning at 10 am (🤣right???) and depressed that I had nothing to do that day but go to the gym.  As buff as I was (super buff), I was depressed- but not stupid.  I said to myself... "Trina, ENJOY this moment.  Lay in bed for 10 more minutes and ENJOY it... because someday, life will be so crazy, you will DREAM of this moment and breath in the calmness that you feel."

YUP... that prediction came true.  

Three weeks later, I applied to the BSN-MSN program at the University Of Akron to get prepared for anesthesia school.  Started back to school for 5 years (talk about stress), met my now-husband while interviewing for anesthesia school, graduated at 39 and a month later got married in Fiji, became pregnant on the honeymoon, miscarried at week seven (Primal Life Organics is the result of that miscarriage and my dedication to that angel in heaven), became pregnant again, started my first company Olive's Organic Botanicals, had my daughter, built my company, delivered TWIN less than two years later... and rebranded my company to Primal Life Organics.  The rest is history.

PHEW... my most cherished memory is the tears streaking down my face as I was lying in bed, depressed, knowing I should enjoy the moment, at the age of 35.  I hit the ground running and I swear I am on a treadmill that will not shut off!!  

For many of us ladies, juggling the roles of Super Mom, Super Wife, and Super Career Woman or Entrepreneur can be taxing – believe me I live it.

Searching for tips and tools to help cope can become an endless and disappointing journey. I’d like to share an amazing opportunity that can help you deal with the exhausting pressures that come with the cape.

From September 9 – 15, the 50 Ways to Women’s Wellness Summit is happening! This FREE, groundbreaking, online event - created for women, by women – provides the BEST secrets for women’s health and healing, self-care, disease prevention, weight loo, energy, relationships, mental health, empowerment, financial freedom and more.

 Over 7 days, you'll hear from over 55 of the most inspiring women on the planet share insight into what they’ve learned as they’ve risen to the top of their fields and walk away feeling like you’ve mastered the art of thriving in every aspect of your life.  

Still not sure this is for YOU???  Topics include: 

Day 1: Emotional Healing and Self Love We've gathered inspiring leaders in the area of emotional wellness, healing and transformation to take your healing, self-care and capacity for self-love to a whole new level: Fran Drescher, Dr. Eva Detko, Donna Gates, Amanda McVey, Darieth Chisolm, Sarah Anne Stewart, Misty Williams, Randy Taran.

Day 2: Sex, Hormones and Pregnancy Go deeper into solutions for balancing and upgrading every aspect of your sexual and reproductive health: Susan Bratton, Dr. Anna Cabeca, Felice Gersh, Dr. Amy Killen, Joette Calabrese, Isa Herrera, Dr. Nasha Winters, Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo. 

Day 3: Chronic Disease Solutions for specific conditions — as well as overall healing strategies, like autophagy, that profoundly impact ALL autoimmune conditions: Dr. Terry Wahls, Dr. Sarah Ballantyne (woot!), Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy, Dr. Veronique Desaulniers, Naomi Whittel, Andrea Nakayama, Dr. Michelle Sands, Meghan Walker. 

Day 4: Weight Loss, Beauty and Energy Reach your ideal weight in a sustainable way, by eating foods you love and moving in ways that feel nourishing and fun to your body! Dr. Angela Lauria, Dr. Susan Peirce Thompson, Dr. Mariza Snyder, Dr. Trevor Cates, Trina Felber, Rachel Pachivas, Dannette May, DelRae Marie Messer, Theresa DePasquale. 

Day 5: Detox, Gut Health and Anti-Aging We gathered leading experts in the areas of detox, gut health and anti-aging to help you remove inner pollution, heal your gut and turn back the clock: Shivan Sarna, Autumn Smith, Dr. Susanne Bennett, Dr. Margaret Christensen, Wendy Myers, Dr. Kayte Susse, Sarah Phillipe and Diane Kazer, Jodi Cohen, Dr. Robyn Benson, Rosetta Windle. 

Day 6: Financial Strength and Success Awe-inspiring women who've reached the pinnacle of success, and now want to share everything they've learned on their journey with you: Sheri Salata, Erica De La Cruz, Emily Lark, Vivian Glyck, Dr. Elena Villanueva, Miranda Marquit, Angela Bell. 

Day 7: Taking Your Power Back Learn from these superstar women and get their proven strategies for healing, change, success, and transformation: Rachele Brooke Smith, Michelle Norris, Dr. Debi Silber, Kate Jaramillo, Teddy Sternagel, Angi Greene Fletcher, Karen Salmansohn, Jessica Smith, Jenny Carr.

Reserve your spot to join us at no cost and discover easy and applicable steps to change your life! Join us on September 9th - 15th by signing up here!

Finally... something to feel great about!  Stress, depression, exhaustion, overwhelm and anxiety are all in your head.  You create your own wellness or disease.  I have teamed with wellness professionals around the world to give you a gift: 50 Ways To Women's Wellness.  This is NOT an offer, this is an assignment.  Just sign up.  That is step ONE.



50 Ways To Womens Wellness
50 Ways To Womens Wellness