Toothpaste: Trust or Trash??

Not all toothpastes are created equal.  It sounds so harmless… but that’s exactly what Big Cosmo wants you to believe!  Watch this video, and you decide!

Not all toothpastes improve the strength of your teeth.  Some toothpastes are so detrimental to your health, they contain a poison control warning statement.  When was the last time you turned your tube over and READ the label??  If you see this…. Buyer beware!  Your health is in immediate danger, your gums may shed some blood and your teeth are at risk for demineralization and decay!

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Learn HOW to protect your teeth and increase the chance of taking them with you to your grave!  You can change the condition of your teeth, but you will have to change WHAT you put IN YOUR MOUTH!  

If you are serious about your health, watch Trina’s Toxic Talk: What Your Dentist Won’t Tell You! Numerous dentist’s have watched Trina give this lecture, and requested she offer it online because her explanation of how to remineralize your teeth is unlike any other they have heard!  Dedicate an hour to your health and Trina will open your eyes, or should we say mouth, to the dangers that are lurking in your toothpaste.

Trina will also discuss how your diet effects your dental health.

Did you know that inflammation is believed to be the root cause of almost every condition that effects the human body?  This includes heart disease, diabetes, hypothyroid and many hormonal disruptions, obesity, even cancer.  Inflammation can begin in the mouth with inflamed or weak gum tissue and dental demineralization.  Toxins from food, toothpaste and the environment can more readily enter the body and invade your general health.

You CAN change your dental health…. and Trina will tell you how!



Dirty Mouth Toothpowder

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