7 Benefits of Adding Oils to your Skincare Regime

By now, you probably know that sleeping without removing your makeup is a big no-no, and so is not moisturizing your skin regularly or applying SPF. Consider these the cardinal rules of skincare. But what about using elixirs and oils on the skin? They truly don’t get the attention and appreciation they deserve.

If you have not incorporated the two in your skincare regime yet, here are some of their benefits that will persuade you to do so.

1.   Elixirs Increase Collagen Production

Elixirs containing vitamin C, vitamin B3, and retinol can help boost collagen production in the skin. This can help your skin looking youthful, or reverse the signs of aging through regular use. As a result, you will have fewer wrinkles and lines.

2.   Offer Sun Protection

Though it will not protect the skin from the sun damage the way SPF sunscreen would, using oils and elixirs in your skincare regularly helps strengthen the skin barrier. Using an SPF moisturizer or sunscreen, you can thus expect to have lesser age spots or sun-damaged skin.

3.   Even Out Skin Tone

Uneven skin tone in the form of hyperpigmentation and discoloration are usually the result of UV damage from the sun. Using elixirs and oils with the appropriate vitamins can help even out the skin tone while simultaneously protecting from the sun. However, you will need to regularly apply SPF during the day as well for better results.

4.   You May Have Fewer Blemishes 

Most of the elixirs used in skincare are water-based, but not Primal Life Organics. Our skincare is oil-based and truly effective to the skin.  As a result, you can expect to have fewer blemishes because your skin will absorb all the serum without leaving any residue that might encourage blemish production.

5.   Hydrates the Skin

By using oils and elixirs regularly, your skin will receive the hydration it needs. You will start to notice that after you shower or wash your face, your skin is no longer dry. It will feel hydrated and plump. By following proper skincare routines and using the right products for your skin, you can be provided with all the hydration your skin needs. Primal Life's Glow Package, for example, provides you and your skin with the daily food it deserves to look and feel its best. 

6.   Oils Can Act As Efficient Makeup Removers

Cleansers and makeup removers tend to dry out the skin. But since oils are hydrating, they can be efficient makeup removers. By dabbing some oil (like olive oil) on cotton pads and removing makeup with them, you will not even need to follow up with a moisturizing either.

7.   They Provide Fast Results

Elixirs and oils tend to absorb into the skin much faster and efficiently than other products do because their consistency and properties are quite similar to our natural oils. Thus you can expect to see fast results with them compared with other skincare products.

Final Thoughts

We hope that with all the aforementioned benefits of using elixirs and oils for better skin, you found something worth your while! However, be sure to not overwhelm your skin all at once with too many products and slowly introduce them to your regime.

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