Trina’s 7 Steps To Hydrate Winter Skin

December 14, 2015

Hi Trina, Winter is here and I always end up with dry, dull skin!  Help!  What do you suggest during the winter months to keep my skin moist and hydrated?  ~Amanda Tetes


Looking a little DULL?? Feeling a little sluggish? Do the cold temperatures steal the energy from you?? What you are experiencing could be dehydration.

winter skin

The winter dry air sucks the moisture right out of your skin… but I created a hydrating solution! Follow my 7 Steps To Hydrate Winter Skin and watch your complexion go from dull to vibrant in no time at all!

Trina’s 7 Steps To Hydrate Winter Skin:

  1. Ditch commercial skincare products. Ingredients (like water, fragrance, preservatives, emulsifiers) that are the primary ingredients in Big Cosmo products do NOT hydrate the skin. In fact, they pull the moisture from the skin leaving it more dehydrated and stressed. Commercial soaps will strip natural oils from the skin and leave it overly dry. Even commercial moisturizers will dehydrate the skin because most are primarily water (check your lotions- if the first ingredient is water, it could be up to 90% water) and water will remove natural oils as it evaporates from your skin- water is not absorbed, it evaporates!
  2. Wash and moisturize with natural ingredients…. Like oils! Pomegranate is, in my opinion, one of the best oils for hydrating the skin in the winter.
  3. Drink plenty of water- hydrating the inside will keep moisture levels in your skin abundant as well as improve the function of your brain (energy level) and internal organs!
  4. Protect your skin from frigid temperatures and wind by covering with scarves and neck warmers. The cold and wind can remove natural surface oils and further dehydrate the skin.
  5. Go ahead and exfoliate- most literature suggests limiting exfoliation during winter, but I say, if you are not using Big Cosmo (watered down products) with dehydrating ingredients- you will get your glow on by exfoliating and applying a hydrating, nutrient rich oil like pomegranate.  I suggest Dirty Ex Sweet Revenge for the ultimate Winter GLOW!
  6. Eat your oils! Omega-3s are responsible for keeping skin cells lubricated and rejuvenated! Eat your essential fatty acids daily and watch your skin glow! Get your daily dose from avocado’s, wild salmon, walnuts, olive oil, winter squash and flaxseed!
  7. Supplement your nutrients. I believe in ingesting nutrients through a whole-food diet and real-food skincare (PLO)… but sometimes, a little supplementation helps improve their performance! My favorite internal skin supplement for healthy skin is Revitalize by F2 Nutrition, which contains phytoceramides, plant-derived equivalents of ceramides-the lipids (fat) that keeps your skin hydrated and plump! This powerhouse anti-ager can improve the structural integrity of the skin and help reduce fine lines and wrinkles- especially when used in conjunction with a real-food diet and real-food skincare regime (PLO)!

The Pomegranate Products, Shaving Cream and Body Butter (all quench your skin thirst) are ON SALE through December 17th!

Pomegranate Oil
Shaving Cream Body Butter


Remember- dehydrated skin, from the inside and outside, accentuates aging. Think of it this way- a plum is well hydrated and plump! A prune is a water-poor, or dehydrated plumb. Water-based skincare, artificial ingredients in both skincare and food, and winter temperatures all dehydrate your plum and make you look like a prune! Hydrate your skin with a food based diet and skincare, take cover during the cold and supplement with Revitalize and watch your skin plump, your wrinkles diminish and your skin glow!!




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