Can You Heal A Tooth That Needs A Root Canal?

February 19, 2020

Yes!  You can and we did!   


Caresha Gibbs had FIVE cavities and one needed a root canal.  She tried our Dirty Mouth Toothpowder and left the dentist chair within 5 minutes!  Listen to her story!

You might never look for another dental product again after you hear this...

Our dental products are designed to work together.  I suggest not using any other products, including mouthwash, for the first 30 days of using Primal Life Organics. 
If you use other brands with Primal Life Organics, your results will not be as effective.

Your mouth is my mission.  A healthy mouth leads to a healthy body. Let's make sure we are clear on what makes your mouth healthy!

Strong teeth and healthy gums are possible, but you have to use the right products. 

My Dental Protocol and Daily Routine satisfy the


  1. Alkaline
  2. Mineral-rich
  3. Detoxifying

Alkaline toothpaste or powder:

    • cleans teeth and gum tissue
    • supports the growth of healthy bacteria
    • allows minerals to go back into the enamel
    • enables your saliva to protect you 24-hours a day
    • supports gum health

Mineral-rich toothpaste or powder:

    • provides the minerals that are essential for strong, cavity resistant teeth
    • thickens the enamel for whiter teeth

Detoxifying with a blend of clay/charcoal:

    • removes toxins (such as heavy metals) from the gum tissue and mouth tissue
    • dissolves plaque quickly
    • prevents plaque formation
    • removes surface stains and whitens teeth

Dirty Mouth Toothpowder and Toothpaste, along with our dental essentials (charcoal toothbrush, gum serum, dental floss, and tongue scraper) fulfill all three requirements for strong teeth and healthy gums.  Most toothpaste (and powders), even natural brands, do not satisfy ALL three requirements and leave your mouth exposed and vulnerable to decay, bacteria overgrowth, gum disease, and toxicity. 

Our Dental Care System is failing us.  Dental products do NOT fulfill the requirements above.  For these reasons, and because many contain ingredients that prevent remineralization (glycerin) and kill the good bacterial (triclosan, SLS, alcohol), I do not recommend using other brands with Primal Life Organics. 

I suggest starting with our 21-Day Oral Detox Program.  It has everything you need to get your mouth healthy and clean!


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