Clean Beauty & Natural Skincare with Dr. Stephanie Estima

The Better! Podcast - Ep. 133: Clean Beauty and Natural Skincare with Trina Felber

This week we welcome Trina Felber. Trina is a dental health and natural skincare expert and founder of Primal Life Organics, who is dedicated to sharing the truth about the products we use in our mouths and on our bodies. In this episode, we discuss how to treat acne and oily skin with clean beauty products, we narrow down the worst ingredient in skincare products that are commonly found in products from the “Big Cosmo” brands.

We also dive into the root causes of aging skin and skin issues, and how we should approach taking care of our lips and eyes. If you would like to tune into the first episode with Trina- click here. In this episode, we discuss the link between our oral microbiome and our overall health — and we learn what ingredients to avoid in order to keep our mouths clean, bodies healthy, and teeth pearly white.

Dr. Stephanie Estima, best-selling author of The Betty Body, interviewed Trina recently to expose the dirty little secrets of skincare. Enjoy their podcast that gives you the 4-1-1 on all of the hidden information in the skincare world. 


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Episode Overview:

  • 2:30 Introduction
  • 9:06 Trina’s Origin Story
  • 16:45 Acne & Oily Skin
  • 23:20 Worst Ingredient In Skin Care 3
  • 2:43 “Big Cosmo”
  • 38:00 Root Causes Of Skin Issues Causing Aging Skin
  • 46:56 Skin Changes In Menopause
  • 51:53 Lip Care
  • 58:24 Eye Care Is Not Necessary
  • 1:05:05 Primal Life Moisturizers & Change Skincare For Seasons
  • 1:11:03 Typical Daily Routine
  • 16:54 Conclusion

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