Dermaplaning: Girl...Shave Your Face and Get Your GLOW On!!

Dermaplaning – What Is It?

Dermaplaning is an exfoliation method that has similar benefits of waxing the face – without pain and irritation.

The process involves a 10-gauge scalpel to remove peach fuzz and lightly exfoliate the skin's surface. Did I lose you? Don’t worry, it sounds much scarier than it actually is.

Estheticians started incorporating it as an add-on to their treatments in the past few years as a way to professionally remove hair from your face without lasers, tweezers, wax, or other painful alternatives. And I’m going to teach you how to do it at home.

Do It At Home – How To & What You Need

 This DIY treatment takes only 5-7 minutes: Apply a very thin layer of your desired skin care product to your face. This allows the blade to glide easier on your skin, is a lot more comfortable, and will allow a bit more pressure which is important (and less irritation).



How-To: Wet the blade with warm water. Then start with downward strokes – start shaving with the hair growth.

Move the blade slowly and gently over your face – down the cheeks, jawline, forehead (careful of your hairline!). Rinse the blade frequently. You will see the dead skin cells and light hairs on it.

Now, go over your face again, this time against the hair growth. Because you’ve already gone downwards and removed most of the hair, going upwards now will be more comfortable and provide a greater exfoliation.

Splash your face a few times with cool water and pat dry. Throw that razor out!

Complete your dermaplaning with an application of a nice water-free moisturizer or serum to soak into your skin for rehydration.

 Benefits of Dermaplaning

  • Exfoliates dry, dead skin and removes peach fuzz
  • Instantly reveals smoother, more radiant, younger-looking skin
  • Instant GLOW and deeper penetration of facial serums

 When you’ve completed your dermaplaning experience you will feel and see the difference IMMEDIATELY! The fuzz that once made your skin feel more textured, than you even realized, is gone. Your face will feel so soft and smooth. When you put makeup on the following day, it will blend easily and effortlessly on your skin, creating an airbrushed effect. People will constantly look at your skin and wonder, “what is she doing to get her skin to bright and clean?”. I’m positive once you experience the smooth, glowing-skin benefits of dermaplaning you will vow to never stop shaving your face!!!

Now that you’re a Dermaplaning Lifer, a good frequency is once every two to three weeks. Everyone’s skin differs – so you will know how often is best for you (perhaps a Sunday ritual?) You can judge it by once your skin starts looking dull again, doesn’t feel as smooth, or you notice the tiny hairs coming back.

 Master with the Tools of the trade: (see below picture)