Droopy Face? Here’s The Root Cause of Aging Skin & Sagging Face Muscles

Face muscles

Perky skin used to be effortless, remember? Back when you were 18, the fear of sagging skin didn’t come within a mile of your list of aesthetic concerns.

Fast forward a few decades, and now you’re in your 30s, 40s, or beyond and wondering when exactly your skin started to droop down like a melted ice cream cone. It didn’t happen overnight, but at some point the unmistakable signs of aging started to dominate your appearance… and now you can’t unsee them. 

Unfortunately, the internal structure of skin changes for the worse as we get older. Collagen, elastin, and muscle tone lose their momentum and slowly surrender to gravity and time. This leaves you with a droopy face and sagging self esteem. 

But don’t schedule your facelift yet! Let’s dig into the real root causes of aging skin and sagging face muscles. Once you understand the deep internal functions controlling your appearance, you can choose the best products, treatments, and supplements to restore a healthy, firm, lifted face. 

The First Signs of Aging

You probably have these signs of aging etched into your mind. Perhaps they were the first subtle reminders that you wouldn’t look 25 forever. 

The first visible signs of aging don’t happen by chance. They’re the direct result of a sophisticated interplay between external factors, internal changes, and genetics.


They show up where they’re least welcome, hovering across your forehead, around the outer corners of your eyes, in between your brows, and on the sides of your mouth. These deeper depressions in the skin’s surface have the company of shallow fine lines. 

We’re definitely a society of wrinkle-haters, and who could blame us? Wrinkles zap the skin of its smooth appearance and indicate deeper root causes like loss of collagen, elastin, and muscle mass. It’s no wonder that Botox, Juvéderm, and other aesthetic anti-wrinkle treatments are so wildly popular for men and women seeking a quick fix. 

Skin Discoloration

Smooth, bright, and unblemished skin is just one of the many, many reasons that newborn babies look so beautiful. Have you ever placed your hand next to an infant’s and noticed how rough, pigmented, and mottled it looks compared to perfect, untouched baby skin? 

Some of the first visible signs of aging are easy to see when skin color takes on red, blue, yellow, or brown hues. Excessive or unprotected UV exposure is the biggest culprit for skin discoloration, but it’s not the only cause. 

Dry and Itchy Skin

Hundreds of sebaceous glands cover the skin on your face. They secrete sebum to moisturize and protect your skin, allowing healthy bacteria to thrive. As you age, your sebaceous glands produce less and less oil. Unless you take steps to stabilize oil production with natural oil-based products, you’ll notice skin that’s dry, itchy, and generally unhappy. 

Aging Changes the Internal Structure of Your Skin

It’s no secret that your body experiences significant changes with age, and your skin is no exception. 

As your body’s largest organ and one-sixth of its weight, your skin is complex and dynamic. It does everything from maintaining body temperature and internal hydration to supply sensory functions and protection from the environment. However, the most essential dermal functions that keep your skin looking vibrant in your youth become increasingly impaired as you age. 

How is your skin structured beneath the surface, and how can you use that information to combat the root causes of sagging skin?

The Structure of Young, Healthy Skin

Your skin consists of two main parts called the epidermis and the dermis. 

The epidermis is the surface layer of skin you can see and feel. It’s meant to protect all underlying tissues and define your appearance. Your skin cells, pigments, and proteins are all located in the epidermis. 

The dermis, on the other hand, is the thickest layer of skin that sits under the epidermis. It’s responsible for lending your skin its strength, support, and flexibility. Blood vessels, oil glands, and nerves all sit in the dermis to help provide nutrients to the epidermis above. 

Both the epidermis and dermis also contain critical connective tissues known as collagen and elastin fibers. Youthful, healthy skin boasts ongoing collagen and elastin production to keep the fibers strong, firm, and flexible. 

How Skin Structure Changes With Age

It’d be great to keep your perfect baby smooth skin forever, but the skin inevitably experiences changes that damage and diminish its appearance. 

One of the most important and influential structural changes involves collagen and elastin. From the time that you hit your 20th birthday, your skin produces less collagen and elastin every year. This loss continues mercilessly over time, impacting your skin’s ability to heal itself and remain firm and taut. 

If that wasn’t bad enough, your remaining collagen and elastin become vulnerable to clumpy, chaotic organization within the dermis and epidermis. This stretches your skin’s structure and creates the dreaded droopy effect. 

Face muscles

Your internal skin structure also suffers a diminished cell turnover rate with age. Studies suggest that the rate of turnover from damaged to healthy cells slows by nearly 50% over time. The accumulation of dead and damaged skin cells on the epidermis trigger unwanted signs of aging like rough patches, clogged pores, and dullness. 

There’s also muscle tone to consider! You can’t lift weights at the gym to prevent loss of muscle tone in your face, and most of us don’t have the time or patience to perform an hour’s worth of facial exercises each day. As you age, the signals that trigger muscle cell growth often become blocked by signals for muscle teardown. This leads to weaker face muscles that start to visibly sag. 

Why Your Skin Needs TLC From the Inside Out

Most beauty products on the store shelves focus on the exterior signs of aging. They claim to Banish Wrinkles! and Reduce Pore Size! without addressing the root causes of your droopy face and aging skin. 

You can’t reverse unwanted signs of aging without addressing the underlying factors at work. True revitalization comes when you use the following natural products and techniques to improve your droopy face. 

Start With the Re-Sculpting your Face

If you want to know how to rebuild collagen in the face and strengthen face muscles, this is your answer! You don’t need a facelift or expensive spa treatments to revitalize your face and lift your aging skin. You just need the Face Sculptor

The Face Sculptor uses EMS micro-current to awaken the skin, clear pores, lift facial contours, and help to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles.  This at-home therapy releases ultrasonic vibrations that dive deep into your epidermis and dermis to address the root causes of aging, especially collagen loss and droopy face muscles. 

Ultrasonic current stimulates tired and sagging facial muscles. Think of this like an intensive workout for your face muscles. Every time you use the Face Sculptor your face muscles become incrementally stronger, toned, and lifted. No other technique can so precisely target your face muscles and perk them back into a youthful position! 

At the same time, the Facial Sculptors sonic vibrations also trigger collagen production.

We recommend using the Face Sculptor for 5-6 minutes, 2-3 times a week  to improve the synthesis of multiple types of collagen and elastin. When you successfully increase the strength, quality, and quantity of collagen and elastin fibers inside the dermis, you’re sure to experience powerful anti-aging effects on the surface of your skin. 

The Face Sculptor also improves the appearance of your skin by removing dead skin cells with a gentle exfoliation effect. Once those tired and damaged cells are swept away, healthy cells take their place.

This accelerates the cell renewal process and keeps your skin from looking dull, discolored, and damaged. It also opens your pores to help your skin better absorb serums, toners, cleansers, and moisturizers. 

Using the Face Sculptor to overcome signs of a droopy face couldn’t be easier. Wet your face, apply your favorite natural cleanser, and move the Face Sculptor from midline to hairline and say good-bye to the signs of aging staring back at you!

Make sure to gently pull your skin and face muscles in an upward position. This encourages a natural lifting effect and leaves your skin looking rejuvenated. 

In only 2-3 invigorating treatments a week, the Face Sculptor creates an anti-aging experience like you’ve never known before. You’ll literally feel your skin tingling when you’re done. Now that's how to rebuild collagen in the face!

Indulge in a DIY Facelift

The facelift is a popular surgical procedure meant to lift and tighten the skin for a more youthful appearance, but it’s not as great as it sounds. A surgical facelift doesn’t address the underlying causes of aging or stop future damage from occurring. 

The DIY Facelift formulated by Primal Life Organics, on the other hand, includes everything you need to naturally lift and tighten your skin from the comfort of your own home. The following regime penetrates deep into your skin to address the root causes your droopy face, reverse existing damage, and prevent future signs of aging from developing. 

Step 1: Earth Face Wash

I personally formulated Earth Face Wash to create a product entirely different from the harsh, chemical-based options found on store shelves. This gentle but powerful face wash contains natural oils that nurture and support your skin instead of drying it out. 

This helps your skin look and feel hydrated, youthful, and healthy. Ingredients like White Kaolin clay, French green clay, organic grapefruit peel, organic honey, and organic lavender work in harmony to cleanse, nourish, and revitalize your skin. Think of them as “skin food” that feed your skin cells everything they need to boost collagen production, enhance skin tone, and bring brittle skin back to life. 

Of course, make sure you use the Face Sculptor after you apply Earth Face Wash. This one simple addition revolutionizes your skincare routine and supercharges results. 

Face muscles

Step 2: Coffee Bean Face Elixir

Apply this invigorating face serum each morning to give your skin a wake up call.

Generic face serums are a dime a dozen. They claim to enhance the appearance of your skin, but in reality they’re mainly water-based products that evaporate quickly and leave dehydrated skin in their wake. But Coffee Bean Elixir is completely different! 

Coffee Bean Elixir embraces the real purpose of serums, which is to infuse the skin with a high concentration of potent nutrients. Each ingredient in Coffee Bean Elixir serves a specific purpose (or four!) in the mission to revitalize your skin:

  • Arabica Coffee Seed Oil contains a high concentration of essential fatty acids, sterols, and vitamin E. These components work together to generate powerful antioxidant action that improves the look and feel of your skin.
  • Argan Oil is rich in anti-aging squalene, vitamins, and essential fatty acids shown to help the skin regain its tone and elasticity. 
  • Collagen Protein supplements the collagen fibers in your dermis to support strong, firm, lifted skin.

When you apply Coffee Bean Face Elixir each morning and use the the Face Sculptor once a week to work serum molecules deep into the layers of your skin, you’ll transform your aging, tired appearance and reclaim soft, youthful, uplifted skin. 

Step 3: Blu Berry Face Elixir

Instead of applying Coffee Bean Elixir at night, use the Blu Berry Elixir instead. This serum is the key to bright, ageless skin because it’s packed with the antioxidant power of natural vitamin C. 

Green Tea Seed Oil, Blue Tansy Oil, Rose Hips Seed Oil, and dozens of other plant-based ingredients help this serum deliver unprecedented anti-aging results from the inside, out by:

  • Restoring a healthy balance of oil
  • Moisturizing dry skin
  • Blocking environmental toxins
  • Soothing inflammation

Add Blu Berry Face Elixir into your daily routine to make sure your skin works hard for you while you sleep.

Step 4: Sweet Revenge Exfoliator

In addition to your daily use of cleansers and serums, it’s important to include exfoliation as a regular part of your DIY Facelift. Exfoliating with a gentle sugar scrub like Sweet Revenge naturally sloughs away the dead skin cells, dirt, and oil responsible for clogging your pores. 

Sweet Revenge even includes a surprise ingredient — caffeine crystals — to revitalize exhausted skin. Meanwhile, hydrating sweet almond old, French green clay, and fruit extracts gently cleanse your skin and stimulate extra collagen production. 

Include exfoliation in your routine once a week to stop breakouts in their tracks, reverse signs of redness and inflammation, and make smooth, radiant skin a permanent feature on your face. 

Here’s a quick cheat sheet to your DIY Facelift. No surgery or needles involved!

  1. Start and end your day with Earth Face Wash and the Quiver. Once a week move the Face Sculptor in an upward direction to remove signs of sagging.
  2. Apply Coffee Bean Elixir in the morning, using your Face Sculptor once a week again to massage the serum deep into your skin. 
  3. Apply Blu Berry Elixir in the evening.  (You can use the Face Sculptor once a week with Blu Berry Elixir instead of the Coffee Bean)
  4. Boost healthy cell turnover with Sweet Revenge Exfoliator once or twice a week. 

Getting older doesn’t have to mean looking older, especially with this DIY Facelift routine on your side. 

Say Goodbye To Your Droopy Face

You can’t stop your birthday from coming around each year, but you can definitely stop your skin from shouting your age out loud. 

If you want to make real changes to your skin, stop focusing solely on the cosmetic signs of aging like fine lines and discoloration. When you only target visible signs of aging, you do nothing more than apply ineffective band-aid solutions. Dermal fillers, for example, can hide wrinkles for a few months or years, but they can’t address the real reasons your wrinkles formed in the first place! 

Learning how to rebuild collagen in the face and reverse your droopy face can only happen when you take the time to understand how aging impacts the deeper layers of your skin. Use powerful products and supplements to reverse the root causes of aging and help your skin look better than ever before!