Empact Nutrition For Women


I have searched long and far for a snack bar and protein shake that tastes amazing, is made with shitake and Rishi mushrooms for their immune-boosting support, sweetened with natural and non-gut irritating monk fruit and made for women!!  

I'm tired of forcing myself to eat another bar just because I'm starving!  I'm tired of protein shakes that taste like chalk... or worse, fake chocolate and horrible vanilla!

Vanilla Sin-amon with MCT and Reishi mushroom TrimDown Shake from EMPACT is heaven in a blender...even my Ninja blender goes insane with delight! 

...If you are ready to check it out, use coupon TRINA20 for 20% off your first order!! 

It passes ALL of my requirements for healthy and nutritious: 

✔ 15g protein

✔ plant-based

✔ gluten-free

✔ keto-friendly

✔️ zero sugar

✔ dairy-free

✔ vegan (not a requirement for me, but for many)

✔ soy-free

✔ non-GMO

✔ high in fiber, aka 💩-friendly

✔ paleo-friendly

✔ kid-friendly and ❤️.  Mom approved- my kids LOVE the taste!!



The bars are sized for WOMEN... just enough for a snack.  If you want a "meal", eat two.  No more half-eaten bars in your on-the-go bags or in your car!  They are also kid-friendly size and taste.  




The founder and creator, Melonie Delrose, is a personal friend, a health enthusiast, and a very busy mom- so she understands the importance of healthy, easy, and yummy!  Like me, she uses her kids as taste testers and litmus passing tests.  If she won't let her kids eat it, you won't find it in her bars and shakes. 



Melonie understands the need to support your immune system, which is why she added the MCT oil, shitake, and reishi mushrooms and uses gut-friendly allulose and monk fruit for the slight sweetness.

Empact, is making a difference and setting a new standard for healthy and nutritious foods for busy women and moms.

The “EM” stands for empowering women and girls; the “PACT” for helping them make an impact in their families and communities.

Watch my interview with EMPact founder and Chief Goal-Digger, Melonie:


Finally... a protein shake made for women that is plant-based, keto-friendly, zero sugar, and tastes like heaven! This is by far, my favorite shake that is trim-down friendly!

If you want to get hooked... use coupon code TRINA20 for 20% off your order! Check out the bars, the COCONUT CRAVE is also my favorite!