Face Wipes: Are You Sleeping With Your Enemy?

October 10, 2019


Why Face Wipes Are A BAD Idea!

Are you sleeping with the enemy?  If you are "washing" your face with face wipes, there are two enemies on your frontline.  The harsh ingredients used in face wipes that you are not rinsing off, and the harmful bacteria that invade your skin when your good bacteria is "wiped-out"!

The Promise: Remove makeup and cleanse your skin in one step. Using a naturally derived micellar formula, each super soft wipe traps makeup, dirt, and impurities, then gently whisk it away with no need to rinse.

The problem: The “no-rinse” method leaves dirt, grime, makeup and harsh ingredients on your skin.  Say goodnight to your wipes or risk waking up with problem skin: I’m talking breakouts, irritation and even allergic reactions.

If using makeup wipes to clean your face is a part of your normal skincare routine, we have some bad news: It may be time to rethink your cleansing regimen.

Rinsing is the part that actually removes dirt, oil, and makeup from the face; if a wipe leaves residue on your skin, you can experience issues like dryness, sensitivity, irritation or allergic reactions.

Most makeup wipes are packed with ingredients like SD alcohol 40 and denatured alcohol. These are put into the formula, so they evaporate more quickly, so the skin doesn’t stay wet for long.

On a day-to-day basis, wipes should not replace a nourishing cleanser.  Even if you do rinse after a wipe, the added alcohol, preservatives, fragrance and other harsh ingredients strip your magical oil from your skin and the damage is done.

While makeup wipes are quick and convenient, it turns out they could be doing more harm than good when it comes to keeping your skin healthy. But How Can That Be?

For starters, makeup wipes contain a fairly high level of preservatives. Although included to help maintain a long shelf life, those preservatives are irritants to the skin.

Secondly, makeup wipes don’t do the best job of cleaning the skin or getting rid of the excess oils. They can remove some of the grit, grime, and makeup but because there is no rinsing involved, the residue remains – leading to unclean, dry skin, clogged pores, breakouts, irritations and even allergic reactions.

Makeup wipes have come a long way but could become your enemy if used daily.  They might have a place while camping or traveling but they should never replace a good, clean, cleanser with oils and clay for everyday use.   If you do use a face wipe, be sure to rinse with clean water if possible.

What to look for in a healthy-skin inspired cleanser?  Definitely oils, herbs and clay.  These top, natural ingredients do not change the pH of your skin, gently remove the daily buildup and makeup and they keep your precious sebum in place. As a result, your skin is cleaner on the inside yet “cleaned-down” on the outside.

The primary ingredient to look for is clay.  Clay adds dual-purpose “cleansing” that removes surface dirt and the “dirt” IN your facial tissue.  Your cleanser should remove your makeup and daily grime… but it should also pull toxins and impurities from your skin.  To do this, you need an ingredient that can bind strongly to toxins and pull them from your facial tissue.  This is why clay masks are so effective. 

Lucky for you, I formulated my cleansers with just the right ingredients to cleanse-down deep… and keep your dewy-glow all day long.  All of my facial cleansers gently remove daily grime and makeup, pull impurities from your tissue and keep your magical sebum growing healthy microbiome.

What cleanser is right for you?

  • Bare Cleanser: Soft, gentle and formulated with calendula flowers and kaolin clay to rebalance all skin types while gently removing makeup, impurities, and daily grime.
  • Earth Cleanser: Made for aging or dry skin and formulated with kaolin clay, French green clay, grapefruit peel, honey, and lavender.  Cleanses yet improves moisture balance with honey and lavender.
  • Banished Cleanser: Best for acne-prone skin to encourage healthy bacteria and discourage acne-causing bacteria on the surface of the skin.  Gently deep cleanses the pores and tissue with bentonite clay, French green clay, rhassoul clay, fuller's earth clay, rosehip seed oil, Himalayan sea salt, dulse seaweed, rosemary, ginger root, garlic, turmeric, cumin seed* and carrot seed oil

Made for those who value cleansing not destroying.  Made for those who want clean skin and clean facial tissue. 

❤️Trina, Your Natural Health and Beauty Nurse



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