Health Alert! What's REALLY Going On Inside Your Mouth?

March 10, 2019

Everything You Need to Know About Your Microbiome

Good health starts inside the mouth. Your gums absorb everything, from the food you eat to the toxins that build up in your mouth. Because the gum tissue is a point of entry, any toxins in your mouth can end up traveling into your body -- you could be ‘feeding’ your body toxins that cause inflammation without even knowing it. Yikes!

We all know that brushing and flossing regularly keep our teeth and gums in great shape. However, using certain products can upset the microbiome balance in your mouth which means you’re more likely to develop plaque and inflammation.

Bad bacteria builds up quickly and leave you with gum disease, advanced periodontal disease, and a host of other oral health problems. What most people don’t know is a mouth full of bad bacteria and plaque can be a sign of inflammation beyond the teeth and gums.

That’s right. Inflammation travels down into your gut and spreads to the rest of the body, triggering all sorts of health issues. The good news is, your mouth has the ability to fight off these toxins and bacteria on it’s own.


What Your Dentist Never Told You

Toothpaste and mouthwash you buy at the drugstore kill ALL the bacteria in your mouth…which means good bacteria that keeps your mouth clean and free of disease can no longer thrive.

Keeping your teeth and gums clean is important but most people are doing it the wrong way -- using products that kill al the good stuff and make your mouth more vulnerable to plaque buildup, inflammation, even gum disease.

When it comes to your dental health, the goal is to create an anti-inflammatory environment inside the mouth so toxins can never even get into the body. The products you use every day need to pull toxins out of the gums and ONLY kill bad bacteria...not the healthy bacteria your gums and body need to stay disease-free!

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The Place to Stop Inflammation is Inside the Mouth...

Preventing inflammation in the mouth is KEY to preventing inflammation in the body. If you don’t let toxins and bacteria get through the gums, you can prevent all types of diseases and health issues. Things like obesity, colon cancer, IBD, even Alzheimer’s, are all preventable with effective oral care.

But, you have to let your body do the work it was designed to do: Ward off bad bacteria, keep the good stuff.

Caring for your microbiome requires taking care of your mouth FIRST. Gut health issues, inflammatory conditions, and other health problems are all linked to gum health! And now you can take control...

Primal Life Organics has created an entire line of dental health products that preserve a healthy microbiome and keep your teeth and gums in good health, naturally. For the first time ever, you can do it with the power of CBD!

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