How to Become a Skinimalist: with Primal Life Organics

2021 has been the year of Skinimalism, and at Primal Life Organics, we are obsessed! Skinimalism is the practice of people using minimal, more beneficial products in their skincare and makeup routine. This helps keep your routine simple, efficient, and effective! Moreover, you will also be able to maintain your effortless beauty and become your most confident self. Are you a skinimalist? If not, here’s why you should consider consolidating your collection of products. 

Part of Skinimalism is perfecting your natural base with core skincare products that actually make a difference for your skin. Many people hoard products over the years, even if they are not truly beneficial for your skin. They may even be causing more harm than good! Not only does skinimalism refer to a consolidated usage of products, it refers to using fewer makeup products as well! Using minimal makeup in more enhancing placements on your face will highlight your natural beauty more than full-coverage makeup. 

The benefits of Skinimalism are more apparent than you may realize. First, it is important to recognize the benefits of Skinimalist skincare. Many people are guilty of hoarding skincare products over the years, creating an extravagant collection. However, many of the products in your collection may be ineffective and unnecessary. You may also notice that many of your products contain harmful ingredients, toxins, and/or harsh chemicals. 

By sticking to a set skincare routine from one brand, with fewer products, and quality natural ingredients, your skin will be able to heal itself, regulate hormones, and adjust more easily to environmental changes. Think about it in terms of less is more. Skinimalism is all about cleanliness, minimalism, and natural beauty. 

Similar to Skinimalist skincare, using a Skinimalist makeup routine also has many benefits in addition to its trendiness and influence in the media. Practicing a Skinimalist makeup routine allows your skin to breathe by avoiding heavy products such as foundation or concealer. Instead, try to put these products in key places which enhance your beauty. Keep reading to find out how to effectively apply your foundation and concealer in a Skinimalist fashion. By wearing less makeup and allowing your skin to breathe, you’re improving the effectiveness of your skincare. 

Do you want to become a Skinimalist, but have no idea where to start? No worries! Primal Life has curated the perfect guide for becoming a Skinimalist.

  • Clean Out Your Collections: 
  • The first step in becoming a Skinimalist is to go through your collection and throw out any outdated products. Many products have a shelf life of around one year. Look at the label to ensure that all of your products are still safe to use. If any products are expired, get rid of them. If you haven’t used a product in the last six weeks, get rid of it. If your products contain any harmful ingredients, get rid of them. If you are unsure as to whether you should keep a product or not, get rid of it! It’s time to purge the old, toxic products and make room for healthy, quality products.   

  • Do your Research and Don’t Dehydrate Your Skin:
  • Look through the ingredients list on your products’ labels to see if any of them contain fragrances, harsh chemicals, or water as the first ingredients. If your products contain any of these ingredients, throw them away! Avoiding fragranced products is essential. Some companies will hide harmful chemicals in fragrances that are not included on the label. Another rule of thumb is that if you cannot pronounce an ingredient (or multiple), do not use the product!  

    It is also important to remember that water-based skincare products will actually dehydrate your skin! So, dehydrate your skincare, NOT your skin. Switching to an oil-based skincare system is the best way to hydrate and replenish your skin, while also clearing up blemishes. If you would like to learn more about why you should avoid water-based products, click here

  • Skinimalize Your Skincare:
  • Primal Life recommends investing in a quality cleanser, morning and nighttime elixir, moisturizer, and our Jade Roller to Skinimalize your skincare routine. By focusing on your skin’s health and a clear complexion, you will feel less of a need to use as much makeup. Luckily for you, Primal Life has an amazing variety of oil-based skincare products that are designed for oily skin, dry skin, and everything in between. For a Skinimalist Skincare routine, we recommend the following: 

    Step 1: Earth Cleanser-

    Start by splashing warm water on your face. Then, drop 1 inch of cleanser into your wet palm and rub your hands together to produce a light lather. Massage it onto your face for a few minutes and rinse with warm water. 

    The Earth Cleanser removes any excess makeup or dirt that can be challenging to remove. The Earth Cleanser also helps tighten, clear, hydrate, and lift the skin for a flawless finish. This cleanser works great for most skin types. However, if your skin is more oily, Primal Life recommends using the Carrot Seed Cleanser instead. 

    Step 2: Coffee Bean and BLU Berry Elixirs-

    These elixirs work and feel like magic on your skin. The Coffee Bean Elixir contains caffeine and collagen, which help brighten and hydrate your skin when you wake up. The BLU Berry Elixir is perfect for preparing your skin for bed due to the essential oils’ calming effect on the skin. The BLU Berry Elixir is also excellent for aiding in replenishing the skin, minimizing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and soothing your skin from irritation and redness. 

    Step 3: Bare Moisturizer- 

    The Bare Moisturizer is a lightweight moisturizer that does not take hydration lightly. The moisturizer is oil-based and helps soften, smooth, and restore your skin’s elasticity, while also helping to prevent or treat blemishes. The Bare Moisturizer is made with organic ingredients like sweet almond oil, evening primrose oil, jojoba oil, extra virgin olive oil, and beeswax. These natural ingredients are known to gently re-condition the skin, regulate sebum production, and protect your skin from bacteria. 

    Step 4: Jade Roller-

    The Jade Roller is amazing for enhancing your natural features by massaging your facial muscles, soothing the skin, and sculpting your face. Many people struggle with puffy skin, loose skin, and wrinkles. The Jade Roller is the perfect solution! Use this tool in an upward motion starting from the chin, along the jaw, and toward the ear to define your jawline. Also use it along your cheekbone in an upward motion toward the ear to define your cheekbones and emphasize your natural contour. Using the Jade Roller after applying your elixir and moisturizer additionally massages and works the products into the skin better. For even better results, try storing your Jade Roller in the fridge. For more tips on how to use this tool, click here

  • Skinimalize Your Makeup Routine: 
  • Primal Life also recommends using makeup that’s made with better ingredients and is very natural-looking. Skinimalized makeup is not meant to hide your imperfections, but is designed to enhance your natural features and highlight your natural beauty. As mentioned before, applying your makeup to key places on your face will give you a more natural look and allow you to use your makeup more effectively. 

    Start by putting concealer near the inner corner of your eyes and the outer under eyes. Then, blend it into your skin with your foundation. This will create a more lifted and brightened appearance of your eyes and face. Another key placement for your foundation is in the center of your forehead and to blend it out toward your hairline. This will also help brighten your complexion and help create a natural look.  

    Next, we recommend putting blush on the apples of your cheeks and the tip of your nose. This brings color to your face, gives you a lively and youthful appearance, and accentuates your cheekbones in a natural looking way. 

    If you are looking for naturally-made and cruelty-free products, Primal Life has both foundation and blush that comes in a powder formula. We recommend that you mix them with water (or Coffee Bean Elixir) for gorgeous results. Our blushes and foundations come in several different shades and are also made with ingredients such as clays, flowers and fruits.  

    Now you have all of the tools to become a Skinimalist! Time to say, out with the old and in with the new! Using quality products with natural ingredients is key to creating the perfect base so that you can feel beautiful naturally - with or without makeup! 

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