How To Keep Your Mouth Healthy To Keep Your Body Healthy!

March 05, 2020

How to naturally protect yourself from any airborne virus, including the coronavirus.

Your dental health is your most precious commodity.  Protect your mouth and you build natural defenses against viral, bacterial and inflammatory invasions. 

The coronavirus is a real concern but with some planning, you can reduce your chances of becoming sick if you are exposed.

Your mouth is the gatekeeper to the rest of your health...  let's protect it!

As a mom and nurse, I have been teaching about the oral biome as the keeper of health... yet recent research shocked the world of medicine when it pointed to the oral biome as the frontline of defense against colds and the flu!  

Think great health begins in the gut? Think again!  The source of ALL DISEASE is in your mouth!

The coronavirus is a real concern, but with some planning, you can reduce your chances of becoming sick if you are exposed. The first thing you should think about is your mouth because it is connected to every organ in your body.

First, even if you are exposed does not mean you will get sick from the virus.  The virus needs the right "medium' or environment to flourish.

If you suffer from frequent sinus infections, contract the flu or common cold easily or have a weak immune system, chances are your mouth it the root cause.

Your mouth is connected to your nose and your sinuses.  If you breathe in an airborne virus (coronavirus) and your mouth is already housing harmful, acidic bacteria- you are at increased risk of becoming sick.  If your mouth has plaque on your teeth our gumline, you suffer from bad breath, your gums are red, inflammed or bleeding, you are increased risk of becoming sick if you are exposed to coronavirus

Watch my 3-Part Dental Series and learn how your mouth is connected to the rest of the body. I am here for you and my goal is to keep you and your family healthy.





 Where to start?  I suggest my 21-Day Oral Detox Kit.  A healthy mouth is just 21 days away!! 

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