How to Prevent Pit Stains Naturally: The Best Deodorants to Keep Your Underarms Odor-Free

How to Prevent Pit Stains Naturally

Have you stopped wearing your favorite blue blouse to work because you know the inevitable results? Ugly, wet, yellow pit stains that leave you clutching your arms to your sides in humiliation. Forget about waving goodbye to your colleagues or stretching your stiff muscles — those pit stains are too humiliating to risk showing.

If the pit stains on your shirt are threatening to plague your social life and destroy your confidence, it’s time to take action. And no, the answer is not to apply more antiperspirant and hope for the best.

It’s time to learn how to prevent pit stains naturally. Antiperspirant is not your friend, despite the claims that most name brands make in their commercials. What you and your pits really need is a natural deodorant that can reverse the damage your antiperspirant has caused over the last ten or twenty years.

What Causes Pit Stains?

Let’s talk about sweat.

It might be stinky, but it’s not all bad! Sweating is an essential body function that lowers your core body temperature and flushes toxins from your body. Your body needs to sweat through eccrine glands and apocrine glands.

Why Does Your Body Sweat?

Eccrine glands are harmless — they’re the sweat glands that produce the clear, salty, odorless sweat you’d expect to feel dripping down your face after an intense kickboxing session. Apocrine glands, on the other hand, are responsible for releasing a thicker type of sweat into the areas of your body that are dark, moist, and covered in dense hair growth.

When apocrine glands release sweat into your armpits, it combines with bacteria to release substances that carry rather unpleasant odors, like thioalcohols. Even though sweating is important, most of us are desperate to prevent the embarrassment of sweaty, stinky pits, so we slather on antiperspirant deodorant.

Antiperspirant does stop heavy sweating, but at a high cost. Research shows that some toxins are only released through sweat, not blood or urine. When antiperspirant stops that sweating process, your body can’t purge toxins. Toxins stay trapped in your tissue and ultimately travel into your lymph nodes and trigger cellular damage.

Why Do Pit Stains Form?

It’s easy to assume that your pungent sweat is responsible for those unsightly pit stains on your favorite shirt, but it’s not! Your antiperspirant deodorant is the real culprit.

When a deodorant doubles as an antiperspirant, it uses aluminum compounds to plug your sweat ducts and block sweat production in your underarms. The FDA has approved a total of 18 aluminum-based ingredients for use in antiperspirant products, making it very easy for manufacturers to formulate and sell these dangerous products.

Unfortunately, research links aluminum to many unwanted side effects — including pit stains! The sweat produced by your apocrine glands is packed with fats and proteins. As soon as aluminum chloride combines with apocrine sweat, the chemical reaction results in a stubborn substance that accumulates into yellow pit stains that you’re desperate to keep hidden.

Why Are Pit Stains Yellow?

Pit stains haven’t always been yellow. Various ingredients used in early versions of deodorant and antiperspirant combined with different types of fabric to create pit stains ranging from red and orange to brown and green.

A World War II wedding dress on display in the Australian War Museum shows green pit stains that developed after the bride’s sweat corroded the copper threads in the fabric of her dress. Red stains, meanwhile, originated from Odorono, one of the first antiperspirants to hit the mass market. Odorono’s bright red acid formulation ate its way through clothes and severely irritated sensitive skin.

Modern antiperspirant manufacturers have learned from mistakes of the past to formulate their products in ways that avoid such blatant red and green marks — but there’s still no stopping aluminum compounds from eventually turning your white cotton shirt an offensive shade of yellow.

How to Prevent Pit Stains

Stopping armpit sweating isn’t the real answer to your yellow pit stain problems. Like I said before, your body needs to sweat to release toxins and stay in balance. So instead of slathering on even more of your toxic, mass-produced antiperspirant, consider these natural solutions instead.

Stay Hydrated

Drinking more water will improve your health in so many ways — preventing pit stains is simply icing on the cake!

H2O is vital for nearly every function in your body. Not only does it support blood circulation and regulate body temperature, but it also maintains healthy kidney function, lubricates internal organs, and protects the brain from shock.

You probably don’t need me to remind you that upping your water intake can bring impressive benefits:

  • Accelerate weight loss
  • Improve your mood and energy
  • Enhance brain power
  • Reduce headaches
  • Boost your immune system

In addition to revitalizing your body, you’ll also minimize the appearance of yellow pit stains as you drink more water. Once fully and consistently hydrated, your body can optimize its detoxification process. This means that toxins will be quickly flushed out, which in turn will reduce your body odor.

Less body odor equals less need for antiperspirants that cause yellow pit stains.

Exfoliate Your Underarms

Your face isn’t the only skin that deserves some TLC! Exfoliating your underarms can unclog your pit pores and help them breathe easier. This can help your cells eliminate and detoxify from the aluminum compounds, parabens, and other chemicals lurking in standard antiperspirants.

Massage Deodorant Into Your Skin

If you’re already using a natural deodorant, but you’re still seeing pit stains, they’re probably the result of the high concentration of oils found in natural products. These oils offer many benefits when used in the right quantity, so try applying a little bit less deodorant and then massaging it into your skin. As your natural deodorant works into your pores, it can work most effectively without causing unwanted stains on your clothes.

Ditch Your Antiperspirant

Above all else, the very best way to prevent pit stains is simply to ditch your antiperspirant in favor of a natural deodorant. Believe it or not, your antiperspirant could be making your body odor — and reliance on that antiperspirant — even worse!

As you kill bacteria and block sweat with your familiar antiperspirant deodorant blend, you directly change the habitat of your armpit bacteria. This potentially causes worse, even smellier bacteria to appear.

Studies have found that antiperspirants kill off the “nicer”, less potent bacteria and allow aggressive bacteria with much harsher odors to dominate in their place. This creates a vicious circle of dependency on the products that cause the problem in the first place! The more you use, the worse those yellow pit stains become. How can you escape the cycle?

There’s only one logical solution: detoxify your sweat glands with natural deodorant. New skin cells take about one month to develop, so don’t be alarmed if it takes that long for all of your extra-smelly sweat and bacteria to work their way out of your body. If you can survive those few weeks, you’ll be able to enjoy the rest of your life using safe and effective natural deodorant that doesn’t cause the dreaded pit stains.

What Are the Best Deodorants to Prevent Pit Stains?

The best deodorants to prevent pit stains are deodorants formulated with safe, natural ingredients instead of aluminum compounds. In addition to triggering the chemical reactions that create yellow pit stains, aluminum is shown to compromise your health.

Aluminum May Cause Breast Cancer

The use of aluminum-based antiperspirants has caused aluminum to be measured at higher levels in breast structures than in the blood. Such potent levels of aluminum are believed to trigger gene instability in breast tissue that may promote the growth of tumors and cancer cells.

Maybe this helps to explain why more than 40,000 women in the United States are expected to die each year from breast cancer. Considering that breast cancer has become one of the two most commonly diagnosed cancers among American women, we can’t ignore the potential common denominator of aluminum-based antiperspirant deodorants.

Aluminum Is Linked to Alzheimer’s Disease

Aluminum is also closely linked to Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. Research shows that aluminum functions as a neurotoxin in the following ways:

  • Sneaks into the brain using other transport mechanisms
  • Accumulates in selective tissues in the brain
  • Promotes inflammation in the brain
  • Causes cellular energy deficits
  • Triggers neurodegenerative hallmarks that define dementia

Given all of this information, you can protect your health and the color of your clothing by switching to a natural deodorant like Primal Life Organics Stick Up Deodorant.

Why Is PLO Deodorant the Best for Preventing Pit Stains?

Antiperspirant companies don’t want you to know it, but stopping armpit sweating isn’t the best way to prevent pit stains and feel more confident on hot, humid days. Primal Life Organics deodorants are formulated to work with your body’s necessary sweating mechanisms by fighting odor-causing bacteria naturally.

Hemp oil and other powerful (and safe!) ingredients make it possible to sweat without an embarrassing odor. Since there’s absolutely no aluminum ever used in PLO deodorants, you don’t need to worry about the chemical reactions that cause yellow pit stains. Instead, the following ingredients will enhance your underarm ecosystem and help you sweat the right way.

Natural Deodorant Ingredients Are Safe

I probably don’t need to remind you that aluminum, triclosan, and other common antiperspirant deodorant ingredients are bad news. Using a deodorant without aluminum automatically helps you fight body odor without compromising your health.


Magnesium is one of the most essential yet overlooked nutrients out there. It’s needed for more than 300 biochemical reactions, which means that magnesium deficiency causes a wide range of serious health problems. In fact, low magnesium levels may even cause your sweat to smell worse. A natural magnesium-based deodorant reduces this problem and keeps you smelling fresh!

Zinc Oxide

Zinc oxide is a mineral that’s popular as an alternative to triclosan and baking soda in natural products like sunscreen, diaper cream, and shampoo. It works externally by converting the short fatty acids that create odor-creating bacteria into odorless zinc salts. This safely creates a protective barrier on the skin and reduces odor-causing bacteria by minimizing the growth of new bacteria.

Kaolin and Bentonite Clay

Kaolin clay is a very gentle clay with absorptive properties that pull impurities from the skin without over-drying. It even stimulates circulation to enhance healing of the skin. A natural deodorant containing kaolin clay will leave your armpits feeling silky smooth.

Bentonite clay is another awesome ingredient to find in your deodorant. Bentonite clay is a soft clay composed of aged volcanic ash. The most impressive power of bentonite clay comes from its negatively charged molecules. Those molecules attract positively charged toxins and heavy metals. This makes it possible for bentonite clay to latch onto dangerous toxins and draw and push them out of the body.

Hemp Seed

Hemp seed is the newest ingredient in PLO’s Stick Up natural deodorant, and I’m so excited to share it! Hemp seeds are the seeds of Cannabis sativa, the hemp plant. The powerful fatty acids found in hemp seeds can enhance the immune response of your body and relieve dry, itchy skin. It even fights odor to keep you smelling lovely! You won’t see any signs of pit stains once hemp seed has the chance to keep your body odor in check.

Natural Deodorant Nurtures Healthy Bacteria

Your microbiome ecosystem is a vital part of your overall health. The microbiome of your armpits is created by the trillions of bacteria and other microorganisms that coexist peacefully. A natural aluminum-free deodorant helps your microbiome thrive and supports the balance of healthy bacteria. This is very important because healthy bacteria smell much better than the angry and aggressive bacteria produced by an imbalanced microbiome.

Natural Deodorant Becomes More Effective Over Time

Even if your current antiperspirant keeps you dry all day, it doesn’t become more effective over time. Antiperspirant only manages to create deeper, darker pit stains and threaten your health over time!

When you start transitioning to natural deodorant, your pores and cells finally have the chance to detoxify those chemicals and recalibrate your armpit bacteria. As more healthy bacteria start to thrive, you’ll notice the odor of your natural sweat diminish.

Natural Deodorant Nourishes Your Skin

You might like to flaunt your legs or your smile, but your armpits? Not so much. After slathering toxic deodorant on your armpits for the last few decades, your skin under there might be dry, damaged, or covered in razor burn. Believe it or not, the nourishing ingredients in all natural deodorant can improve the quality of your skin and help you feel a bit less dread when raising your arm to wave hello or reach the top shelf.

How to Prevent Pit Stains With Natural Deodorant

It’s remarkable to consider how antiperspirant manufacturers have managed to dupe so many Americans into believing that their products are the best solutions to body odor and sweat. It’s easy — but dangerous — to believe their claims. To add insult to injury, antiperspirants don’t just compromise your health and make your body odor worse, but they also leave yellow pit stains as a permanent sign of their presence.

If you’re ready to liberate yourself from ugly pit stains and finally raise your arms without fear, give my natural Stick Up deodorant a try. You don’t need to use much — only two to four swipes gets the job done — so a small 3-ounce stick lasts months! Better yet, the new rash-free formula works with your body to deodorize efficiently and reduce odor.

With scents like vanilla matcha, black lavender, white lavender, black rogue, and white coconut, you’ll be tempted to double your deodorant as a perfume. You can wipe away the stink, sweat healthy, prevent excess wetness, and cleanse your tissues simultaneously. There’s no antiperspirant in the world that offers those benefits.

Give natural deodorant a try today to see just how well it prevents pit stains and restores your arm-raising, hello-waving, yoga-stretching confidence.