How To Unleash Your Inner Goddess

I am passionate about health, love, and transformation.  Dr. Stephanie Estima is a personal friend of mine and her focus is on functional neurology, metabolism, and body composition.

I am a Betty... Are you?

Her Book That Will Change Your Life!

One thing is for sure:

"You will walk into this book & strut your way back out."  Melissa Ramos,

This book has everything a woman has ever wanted to know about:

  • Healing hormones, 

  • Reducing brain fog, 

  • Feminine longevity, 

  • Feeling great in their skin, 

  • Having boundless energy, 

  • Eating intuitively, 

  • and unleashing their inner Goddess.


Does Your BS (Belief System) Hold You Back From Your Health Goals?  Have you ever told yourself any one of these lies?

  • You have a "slow" metabolism
  • No matter how much weight you lose, you'll eventually gain it back
  • Your brain fog, anxiety, or sleep issues is "just what happens" as we age.
  • You have a sweet tooth
  • You "need" coffee to get you through the day


What is a Betty?

A Betty epitomizes a modern-day queen commonly associated with increased levels of self-worth (because she continues to create it).

A triple threat she is intelligent, she is warm she is kind, and she's beautiful on the inside and out!

A Betty is a modern-day triple-threat, go-getter and this book is going to take you through how to feel beautiful on the inside and out so that you can just feel good in your skin again allowing you to become your own version of a Betty.



  • Weight gain, low energy, and brain fog are your body’s way of telling you something is not right.  One of the most powerful ways you can improve these and other symptoms is through the diet.  Every time you eat you are making a short-term investment in how you feel, a medium-term investment in how you look, and a long-term investment in how you perform.  Learning how to eat that is nourishing to your cells, without punishing thoughts, or excessive exercise as a ‘‘make up’ are essential skills every woman must acquire  This is the hallmark of intuitive eating.  Eating without fear of carbs or fats or proteins, but rather knowing what, when, and how to eat for what your body needs to achieve your goals.
  • Women are not small men with more hormones.  Recognizing that we have distinct and an ever-changing hormonal milieu is how we can begin to appropriately, gently, and lovingly respond to both our internal and external environment throughout our lives.   Mood swings, energy lulls, brain fog, and stubborn weight gain are all related to hormonal imbalances.  The Betty Body will take you step by step through each of these hormonal environments, lab work, and plan for healing for each.
  • As a woman, you are the ultimate creator.  You can use this power to either create a human or you can use it to call in and manifest what you want in your life.  Sex is not a task or something to withhold - it is a necessary part of creating health.  Sex and orgasms balance our hormones, improves all our vital signs, and most importantly is a vehicle for self-healing.  We can alchemize sex and self pleasure into helping us be more of who we already are.  The Betty Body is going to be your step by step guide to setting up your day and night for transformative sex.

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Are you ready to change the conversation around health, fitness, sex, intimacy, longevity, parenting, mindset, and pursuing excellence? I'm Dr. Stephanie Estima I have a special interest in functional neurology, metabolism, and body composition. 

My life's passion and mission is blending modern science with ancient wisdom to empower women's health and healing.

+ CEO of Hello Betty

+ Creator of The Estima Diet

+ Host of the Better! Podcast

+ Author of The Betty Body

Click here to get your copy of the #1 book for women for only $0.99 (kindle version) and $500.00 in bonus gifts to everyone who orders

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