How Washing Your Face Can Be Sabotaging Your Beauty!

October 09, 2019


Clean down your skincare routine…

If you value clean skin, I have news for you!  Using the wrong face wash can be causing your skin to be too clean.  Ideally and for the healthiest skin, you want to “clean-down” your face. 

There are two problems with most face cleansers

  1. They strip your face of natural oils and “clean” too much from the surface
  2. They do not cleanse the internal tissue of your face leaving behind toxins and impurities.

The problem with a “squeaky-clean” face it that your natural oils serve a few purposes.  Your sebum is the barrier that keeps moisture inside your skin.  By removing your natural oils, your skin will feel dry and tight, and you will notice fine lines and wrinkles. 

Secondly, your natural oils are magical, and they provide the perfect breeding ground for happy and healthy bacteria.  These healthy bacteria prevent skin conditions like acne, rosacea, and rashes.  When you use cleansers that remove your sebum, it’s like removing the guards in front of Buckingham Palace.  Anyone can enter, good and bad. 

I definitely don’t want bacteria growing on my skin unless it is “healthy” and “self-loving”.  I know that you do not want that either.  Magically, it might be as easy as changing what you are cleaning your skin with to get rid of your dry, dull, flaky skin with the potential for breakouts! 

Steer clear of those cleansers that contain drying ingredients (think salicylic acid for acne, fragrance, parabens, alcohols and any version of the detergent sodium lauryl sulfate).  Products that contain soap or harsh surfactants can detrimentally affect the skin's barrier properties. 

What to look for in a healthy-skin inspired cleanser?  Definitely oils, herbs and clay.  These top, natural ingredients do not change the pH of your skin, gently remove the daily buildup and makeup and they keep your precious sebum in place. As a result, your skin is cleaner on the inside yet “cleaned-down” on the outside.

The primary ingredient to look for is clay.  Clay adds dual-purpose “cleansing” that removes surface dirt and the “dirt” IN your facial tissue.  Your cleanser should remove your makeup and daily grime… but it should also pull toxins and impurities from your skin.  To do this, you need an ingredient that can bind strongly to toxins and pull them from your facial tissue.  This is why clay masks are so effective. 

Lucky for you, I formulated my cleansers with just the right ingredients to cleanse-down deep… and keep your dewy-glow all day long.  All of my facial cleansers gently remove daily grime and makeup, pull impurities from your tissue and keep your magical sebum growing healthy microbiome.

What cleanser is right for you?

  • Bare Cleanser: Soft, gentle and formulated with calendula flowers and kaolin clay to rebalance all skin types while gently removing makeup, impurities, and daily grime.
  • Earth Cleanser: Made for aging or dry skin and formulated with kaolin clay, French green clay, grapefruit peel, honey, and lavender.  Cleanses yet improves moisture balance with honey and lavender.
  • Banished Cleanser: Best for acne-prone skin to encourage healthy bacteria and discourage acne-causing bacteria on the surface of the skin.  Gently deep cleanses the pores and tissue with bentonite clay, French green clay, rhassoul clay, fuller's earth clay, rosehip seed oil, Himalayan sea salt, dulse seaweed, rosemary, ginger root, garlic, turmeric, cumin seed* and carrot seed oil

Made for those who value cleansing not destroying.  Made for those who want clean skin and clean facial tissue. 

❤️Trina, Your Natural Health and Beauty Nurse



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