LED Do's And Don'ts

Over time, we have analyzed that these do's and don'ts may help your Real White Teeth Whitening device last a long time. This device is meant to last you a lifetime with proper care and we want to ensure you can get that result with this system to keep a healthy mouth for life. 

DISCLAIMER: Some devices may have other defects that are different than these do's and don'ts. If that's the case, please contact our customer support team via email at support@primallifeorganics.com where they are always more than happy to assist in any way they can. 

The Do's: 

  • Charge the device once it is dead. Do NOT charge it after every use, every other use, etc. This system has been proven to last longer if one waits to charge it once it is fully dead and needs recharged.
  • Use a one port charger. For example, and iPhone charger has one spot for a charging cord. Do not use any power strips with multiple ports, nor a charging system that may rapidly speed up the charging process.
  • Clean your device after each use. It is crucial to note that your device will never be as clean as the day you opened it from the package after your first use. The gel is oil based and leaves behind some residue, but this will not change the effectiveness of the device. To properly clean, wipe the mouth piece off with a clean cloth that is damp with warm water. Use a plant-based soap to cleanse the mouth piece. Finally, wipe the mouthpiece off again with the damp cloth and let the mouth piece air dry. Store properly when done. 

The Don'ts:

  • Do not charge the device if it is not dead. As noted before, wait until the device is fully dead before placing it on the charger. Giving this device too much power is more than it can handle.
  • Do not use a multiple port nor rapid charger. Again, a single port charger is required to gain the longest life from this device.
  • Do NOT submerge the device in water. The mouth piece is the only part that should be getting wet. If the device gets fully submerged in water, or if water gets into the device, water damage will more than likely effect the power and longevity of this device.

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