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Mustard Seed Blog

At Primal Life Organics, while we sell all over the world and appear in many mainstream, large retailers, we love small, locally-owned businesses.

As a company started by a mother passionate about helping people find premium quality, natural products that would impact their health in a positive way, to us, it is important for us to partner with small and locally owned businesses that exhibit the passion, heart, and values that make Primal Life who we are.

One of those businesses is Mustard Seed Market & Café. It is the largest locally-owned retailer of natural and organic products in Ohio and has been a part of the community since 1981. Their specialty is providing high-quality natural and organic foods along with education and information on food issues and the environment.

Mustard Seed Market & Cafe are pioneers in this space, beginning over 30 years ago with their strict ingredient standards—no artificial colors, flavorings, or harmful chemical preservatives, no saccharin or aspartame, no irradiated foods, meats raised without the use of growth hormones or fed animal by-products—and they continue this same leadership today.

 e are proud to have partnered with Mustard Seed Market & Cafe where you can find some of Primal Life Organics’ best-selling products. Check out Mustard Seed market in Akron, Ohio, on West Market Street and Medina Road, and be sure to follow them @MustardSeedMrkt on Twitter, @MustardSeedMrkt on Instagram, and MustardSeedMarket on Facebook!

Products available at Mustard Seed Market:


Our best-selling Dirty Mouth Toothpowder is a must for anyone who wants healthier teeth and gums. Mustard Seed Market & Cafe carries several flavors, including Polished Peppermint, Whitening Peppermint, Sparkling Spearmint, Whitening Spearmint, and Bubblegum! What makes our Dirty Mouth Toothpowders so amazing is the mineral-rich bentonite, kaolin, french green clays, and hydroxyapatite that help to remineralize your teeth (say buh-bye to toxic fluoride!). Available in single containers or try our duo pack, which offers one of our white powders with the addition of a charcoal version that helps boost teeth whitening.


What’s the most important thing you need when it comes to brushing your teeth? A toothbrush of course! With just a few brushes with our activated charcoal toothbrush, you’ll FEEL the difference. Gentle enough to not damage your teeth and gums but sturdy enough to give your teeth a good cleaning.  We added activated charcoal for more cleaning power and whiter teeth.


Another great tool to add to your morning routine is our Copper Tongue Scraper! We call this our Magic Wand because it magically cleans away the bad bacteria from your tongue. Simply pull our copper tongue scraper over your tongue once a day and eject those white, free-loading, bacteria living on your tongue. You’ll notice fresher breath and a cleaner palate to taste the delicious food you pick up at Mustard Seed Market.


Natural deodorants seem to be a hit or miss - and that’s because you haven’t tried the Primal Life Organics Stick Up Deodorant! Say goodbye to underarm odor and rashes that commonly come with natural deodorants. Our 3 oz size will last 3 months when used as directed. We use pit-cleansing bentonite clay, nourishing hemp seed oil, odor-fighting zinc oxide, magnesium, and coconut oil with stay-dry-all-day arrowroot powder for pits to be proud of!


Don’t gloss over your floss! Many commercial brands are filled with toxic chemicals proven to cause cancer and heart disease. Pick up our Primal Life Organics Bamboo Charcoal Floss Picks on your next trip to Mustard Seed Market. Our dental floss is infused with detoxifying charcoal and cleansing mint for a fresher mouth. Plus it’s made from bamboo, for an eco-friendly addition to your dental routine.


Get your natural vitamin D without damaging your skin with the Primal Life Organics Sun-Up Before Sun Protector. Sun smart and savvy, we tossed all of the toxins, including the plastic container, and opted for 100% natural sun protection that is safe for the whole family.  The cardboard push-up container is eco-friendly and makes application a breeze for adults and kids.


The Primal Life Organics Healing Sun Down Balm is a must to have on hand all year round! If you overdid it in the sun, scratched your leg, or experienced a bug bite, our signature ingredient - red raspberry seed oil - calms redness, soothes, and delivers high levels of healing antioxidants. Turn red and painful skin into soothed and healed skin quickly!

Check out the complete selection of Primal Life Organics products at Mustard Seed Market & Cafe. We are so excited to be partnering with such a wonderful small, locally-owned business.

Mustard Seed Market offers great products that are safe for you and your family. Our very own founder, Trina Felber, is a regular at the market! Make sure to check them out in the Akron, Ohio area, and be sure to follow them to stay up to date with their amazing line of products!

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