Trina Felber, CEO of Primal Life Organics and Expert in DSC_0316natural skincare, answers questions about natural skincare

Questions answered:
How long do items (all skincare) last when opened? If you have a serum, moisturizer and vitamin C it seems they will last a while?

Can I use the banished serum twice a day on almost my whole face for acne?

Should I be using anything other than the banished and beyond package along with the mask and fire and ice to clear up my current acne, scars old and new and dark spots?

What do u use for (natural) sunblock on the face?

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Infiniti and Beyond for aging skin File Jun 22, 9 47 37 AM
Banished and Beyond for acne

Banished Blemish Serum for acne
Sun Up (natural sun protection)

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