Non-Surgical Facelift Technique To Keep Your Youthful Skin

September 13, 2019

As a woman, I want to keep my youthful appearance as long as possible.  I don't want to resort to needles, pills, laser treatments, and surgery to keep my eyes lifted, neck lifted, high cheekbones and smooth skin. 

I understand the desire for beautiful skin... without sacrificing my health.  

As a Natural Health and Beauty Nurse, I have studied the surgical facelift technique and developed my own natural technique for maintaining facial muscle mass.  Facial muscle, like all other muscles of your body, atrophy (weaken) over time and without use.  When was the last time you did facial exercises?  You know... the ones that target the muscles of your face?

If you are like most, you do not perform facial exercises.  Who even thinks about these?  As a Natural Beauty Nurse, I do and I teach people Facial Yoga (watch my Instagram or YouTube Channels for videos).  

Exercises that target the facial muscles help increase blood flow, improve nutrient delivery to the skin, facilitate cell waste removal and stimulates the natural production of collagen and elastin in the skin.  All of this combined helps reduce the "fat layer" that is hiding those beautiful cheekbones and creating discolorations, pockets, and wrinkles. 

Trina shares her "How To Do Your Own Non-Surgical Facelift" using her Quiver beauty tool designed to improve muscle tone, skin tone, clarity, and appearance.  She developed her own technique to mimic the "surgical facelift" that is effective when done just 2-3 minutes each day while washing your face or applying your face serum or moisturizer. 

Trina developed her Natural Facial Products to compliment Quiver and improve results.  Trina's skincare products penetrate deep into the skin, quickly hydrates the skin and works with Quiver to restructure the internal skin structures.

Trina's Non-Surgical Facelift Kit rebuilds the 5-Pillars Of Glowing Skin!

In order to maintain healthy skin, you MUST maintain the FIVE PILLARS OF HEALTHY SKIN.  When one or more of these pillars begin to fall (or fail), then signs of aging become more prominent.  These signs of aging, and how quickly you notice them, differ for everyone but include: fine lines, prominent wrinkles (laugh lines, crow’s feet, “11’s” or the furrowed brow), red spots, discolorations, dry-dull looking skin, loss of the “bounce” factor, droopy skin.



The problem with most skincare is that it does not address ALL five PILLARS of healthy skin.  In fact, most skincare, with the chemicals and lab-made ingredients, do more damage to the internal structures of the skin than benefits and most don’t address ANY of the five pillars of maintaining skin that looks healthy, bounces back and vibrant in complexion. 

Trina recognizes the FIVE PILLARS OF MAINTAINING HEALTHY SKIN and addresses every PILLAR in her skincare products. 

If you have ever considered or even had a medical procedure to enhance the “beauty” of your skin and help reduce the signs of aging, understand that treatments such as botox, laser therapy, and even facelifts do not address the FIVE PILLARS OF HEALTHY SKIN as the root cause and will not reverse internal skin structures for lasting health and beauty.

As your Natural Health and Beauty Nurse, long-lasting NATURAL beauty is my goal and if you hydrate the skin, improve facial muscle tone, increase and maintain blood flow, boost collagen production and support elastin structure WITHIN the skin, your skin will be healthier and can appear up to 15 years younger than its age.

How do I know?   At the age of 51, my skin looks and feels better than it did at the age of 35.  Most look at me and guess I am 30-34 years young. 



  1. DEHYDRATED SKIN (water-based skincare makes this worse and causes moisture loss.  Furthermore, the harsh chemicals and lab-made ingredients dehydrate the skin even more).  Dehydrated skin looks wrinkled and lifeless.
  2. MUSCLE LOSS: As we age, our facial muscle atrophy and causes “droopy” and “saggy” skin on our face.  Skin care products do not work on muscle tone and are ineffective on this cause of aging.
  3. DECREASED BLOOD FLOW: As we age, blood flow naturally declines and toxic build-up can accumulate in the skin makes it appear lifeless, sallow and discolored.  It also reduces the number of nutrients that are delivered to the skin. structures 
  4. DECREASED COLLAGEN PRODUCTION: As we age we don’t produce as much collagen in our skin.  When collagen levels are high, the skin is soft, smooth, and firm. Collagen helps the skin cells renew and repair themselves. Collagen also helps keep the skin moist.  Loss of collagen production is natural and not addressed with skin care products.
  5. DECREASED ELASTIN PRODUCTION:  Our skin also produces less elastin as we get older.  Loss of elastin prevents your skin from “bouncing back” to its original shape- think droopy and thin skin.  Again, skincare products do not address this cause of aging.

Trina’s Non-Surgical Facelift Kit is 100% natural and addresses ALL FIVE PILLARS OF HEALTHY SKIN and reverses signs of aging.  Invest in your skin today and preventing unwanted signs of aging is easy!


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