Quiver: For the One Thing No One is Talking About

Anti-aging routines for your face and neck are the talk
of the town these days, but no one is talking about ways to
maintain youthful-looking hands!

Wearing gloves when cleaning, moisturizing post hand-washing, and applying sun protection to your hands are a few anti-aging tips the beauty industry recommends.

We, on the other hand, recommend QUIVER!!!!

Quiver, our magic eraser, uses sonic vibrations to promote the synthesis of new collagen production and stimulate muscles for a more taut and toned appearance.

Whether it’s your face or your hands, collagen is collagen!
So, while you’re sitting and relaxing, grab your Quiver and favorite serum or repairing balm for a 2-3-minute hand treatment
that will lessen those lines.

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