Reasons to Rethink Purchasing Olive Oil from Supermarkets


I love olive oil! I DO!!! I add it to soups, sauces and I LOVE it on my salads for a healthy and natural pop of flavor. If you love olive oil like I do and use it just as much as I do, I’m certain you want to make sure you’re choosing the healthiest option.

I recently had the pleasure of meeting and listening to T.J. Robinson, aka the Olive Oil Hunter. If you’re not familiar with him, he’s a leading authority on the world’s most delicious and nutritious olive oils. T.J. shared a lot of eye-opening-information on shopping for olive oil and why we should beware of buying ours from supermarkets.


Reason #1: The Four-Word Secret

“Whenever you buy olive oil,” advises Robinson, “remember these four words: the fresher the better. Freshness is critical to peak flavor and nutritional potency. This is because the olive is a fruit. Like other fruit juices, olive oil is perishable. It tastes best when freshly pressed, just as fresh-squeezed orange juice tastes much better than frozen.

“You and I insist on fresh milk, fresh eggs, fresh fish, fresh meat, fresh fruit, and fresh veggies. In every case, freshness makes a big difference in flavor and nutrition. So, don’t we deserve fresh olive oil? Of course, we do! But supermarkets allow their olive oils to sit on the shelves for months, sometimes years, growing old, stale, and eventually rancid. The expiration dates on the labels don’t help because olive oil can turn stale or rancid well before its expiration date.”

Reason #2: You Face a “Sea of Fakes” on Store Shelves

Fake olive oil has been an outrageous scandal for many years. NBC News has reported that “fake olive oil is rampant.” The Wall Street Journal adds, “American grocery stores are awash in cheap, fake ‘extra virgins.’” In an explosive exposé, 60 Minutes has cautioned that you face a “sea of fakes” when you shop for olive oil in stores.

Why is this happening? Robinson explains, “Thanks to the many health benefits of olive oil, demand is soaring worldwide. But pure extra virgin olive oil is quite expensive. Just as crooks pocket fortunes by creating cheap knockoffs of designer clothing and handbags, they palm off fake olive oil as extra virgin, the highest grade.” New Yorker magazine has reported that the profits in counterfeiting olive oil are “comparable to cocaine trafficking, with none of the risks.”

 How Harmful Can Fake Olive Oil Be?

In his New York Timesbest-selling book, Extra Virginity, olive oil expert Tom Mueller warns of contaminants and even cancer-causing agents in fake olive oils, as follows.

“Italian investigators have found hydrocarbon residues, pesticides, and other contaminants in fake oils, and pomace oil, a common adulterant, sometimes contains mineral oil as well as PAHs, proven carcinogens that can also damage DNA and the immune system. Then there’s the 1981 case of toxic oil syndrome in Spain, when rapeseed oil adulterated with an industrial additive, sold as olive oil, killed eight hundred people and seriously injured thousands more.”

A Convenient Solution That Guarantees Freshness and Purity

As a food writer and a former professional chef, Robinson the Olive Oil Hunter got fed up with these blatant defects of supermarket olive oils. He launched an exclusive club for those who, like himself, demand nothing less than the freshest, most flavorful, and purest artisanal olive oils in the world. It’s called the Fresh-Pressed Olive Oil Club. Robinson personally selects every oil he imports directly from the harvest at peak freshness and flavor. And every oil is independently lab-certified to be 100% pure extra virgin, the highest grade.

His club is a big hit with foodies, home cooks, health-minded consumers, and olive oil lovers who want harvest-fresh olive oils at the peak of flavor and bursting with healthful nutrients.

When I Got Home, I Did a Taste Test…and Was Blown Away

At the Paleo Fx conference in Austin, T. J.’s lovely wife, Meghan, came by my booth to say hello and give me one of T. J’s bottles of olive oil direct from the latest harvest. I didn’t get to taste it right away because I was so busy and had more traveling to do after the conference. But about a week after I got back home, I gave it a try. All I can say is, it blew me away.

I couldn’t believe the difference in taste compared with store-bought olive oils. I loved the rich complexity...the vibrant golden colors...and the bright, sunny flavors. This amazing, fresh-from-the-harvest oil was grassy, herby, fruity, and intense—like a garden in a bottle.

And I couldn’t get over the remarkable finish: a distinct “pepperiness” at the back of the throat upon swallowing, the hallmark of the very freshest oil. This peppery tang is due to the oleocanthal, the inflammation-fighting component that can begin to disappear six months after pressing. This is yet another reason to buy your olive oil when it’s fresh. That peppery finish is an excellent indicator of how fresh and therefore how effective the olive oil may be in helping reduce inflammation throughout your body.

After my taste test, I fell madly in love with T. J.’s olive oils and started recommending them to everyone I know.

  1. J. and Meghan said they were so pleased by my reaction that if I were willing to share my honest feelings about their oils with my readers, they’d let you do your own taste test, too—for just $1 to help them cover shipping.

A $39 Bottle for a Buck?

  1. J.’s unique Fresh-Pressed Olive Oil Club is one of the most customer-friendly companies I’ve ever come across. Unlike some other clubs, there’s never a minimum commitment or obligation to buy anything. Every olive oil comes with a no-questions-asked, 100% money-back guarantee. And if you ever decide to ask for your money back on a given shipment, you don’t even have to return the oil. And T. J.’s outstanding customer service team graciously takes care of your refund request immediately.

If you’d like to try this unique club and receive one of T. J.’s $39 bottles for just $1 to help cover shipping, you can do so by clicking on the link below.

For my readers, T. J. and his Fresh-Pressed Olive Oil Club have reserved a strictly limited number—240 bottles (20 cases). Problem is, we’ve got many thousands of subscribers, so these 240 bottles are likely to go fast, and it’s first-come, first-served.

The publicity this oil is getting is quite something. Foodies, celebrity chefs, and food writers are raving about it. For example, Larry Olmsted, the award-winning food and travel journalist, recently wrote in his New York Times best-selling book, Real Food/Fake Food:

“I now get most of my oil from T. J. Robinson’s Fresh-Pressed Olive Oil Club, and every time I open a bottle, my kitchen literally fills up with the smell of freshly crushed olives—the scent explodes out of the bottle. Just breaking the seal transports me to Italy or Spain or Chile.”

When you click on the link below, you’ll see similar comments from many other olive oil lovers as well. If you’re interested, try a bottle for just $1 and taste for yourself.

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