Roses are red, and... really, really good for your skin!


Summer is upon us and that means that many of you are enjoying the sun and baring your faces, legs, and feet! What many of you may be finding out (the hard way) is your tried and true face and skincare products may be giving you more glow than you bargained for…
leaving you looking (and maybe feeling) shiny and oily.

The allure of the rose is no longer just for bestowing its beauty and aromatics. It’s also known to have amazing effects on the skin.

Made from rose petals that have been distilled and steamed, rosewater has natural moisturizing properties that hydrate skin without being too heavy – leaving it healthy and balanced.

Perfect for all skin types, rosewater and rose essential oil is known to restore the pH balance of the skin, resulting in a refreshed, nourished, and soothed appearance.