Self Love: The 5 Day Immersion

Have you listened to the Almost 30 podcast Trina was in? All about biohacking your dental and skin care, Trina dives deep into how to achieve the healthiest dental and skin care routine to keep you looking and feeling amazing!

Speaking of feeling amazing…

You can now join Almost 30 for the 5 Day Self Love Immersion! It’s a completely free program that helps you integrate more love into your life. It kicks off June 14th, but don’t worry, you can revisit this at any time.

Shouldn’t this be natural, something we do every single day? With busy schedules, overwhelm, anxiety in the collective, the pressure to always be producing, doing, and striving instead of just being...sometimes simply loving IS a challenge. So that’s why we’re setting aside the next 5 days to truly immerse ourselves in LOVE.

Self-love is not easy and it requires dedication, permission, guidance, support, acceptance and lots of work. With our help, during your everyday actions and routine, you can understand how to nurture your sense of self-love with this 5-day immersion.

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