Smarter Wine for Healthy People

January 30, 2020

If Wine is something you won't give up, you can NOW drink a healthy version that is glyphosate free AND has ingredients that prevent the "hangover" symptoms. 

I was introduced to Smartvine wines founder, Christine Fitzgerald at an event and I was intrigued by her "healthy" wine.  After researching and testing, I am sold.  I was unaware that not all wine is Vegan... yep!  It never crossed my mind to even consider that a question.  Learn how animal parts are used to make conventional wine and how SmartVine Wine differs from your favorite glass of vino!  Don't miss my interview below with Christine... there are some shockers that will have you wondering "just what am I really drinking"?

Wine intake is usually what you hide from your nutritionist. But, what happens when the nutritionist decides to start making wine with your overall health in mind? Well, it turns out to be pretty great for everyone. 

For the past 20 years, nutritionist Christine Fitzgerald heard the question, “Why do I have to give up wine in order to lose weight?”

She knew there were a lot of chemicals and sugars added to wine, causing excess bloat, weight gain, and feelings of sluggishness. She told her clients to ditch the wine, but that wasn’t the right answer.

Christine dove into creating a healthy wine that her clients could drink on any diet, from keto to vegan!

SmartVine begins with lab-tested, hand-picked California grapes, and enhances the experience by infusing it with four organic key nutrients, Christine’s “day after remedy” to help rid of the side effects of typical wine; weight gain, feelings of headaches, sluggishness, and bloating. 

SmartVine follows the principles of a natural and sustainable winemaking process; free of added sugar and chemicals. 

In fact, SmartVine is certified 100% Glyphosate free ( it is the ONLY wine in the world to hold that distinction).  Beyond being free of Glyphosate (and the 72+ other chemicals currently allowed and found in wines) SmartVine is certified vegan, gluten-free, and Keto friendly. 

Watch here as Trina chats with Christina Fitzgerald, Founder of SmartVine Wine. Topics discussed include: 

  • Protecting Your Liver and Gut
  • Give Up The Weight, Not The Wine
  • Wake Up & Work Out - Avoiding the Hangovers
  • All about their Certified Vegan Vine - with a healthy twist.
  • Much more!

Wine should be enjoyed by everyone - guilt-free! It's time to feel good about the wine you're drinking. You've finally found a product that is safe and healthy with no lifestyle restrictions! 

Christine wanted to share these EXCLUSIVE SmartVine offers, just for our Primal Life Organics Customers. 


#1. Buy 3 bottles of wine and get $30 off. Use Code: BUY3GET30

#2. Join the wine club and get a free FIT KIT.

Make a healthy switch because getting healthy is always more enjoyable with a little wine! 

Check out there website to learn more! 

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