Stick-Up Natural Deodorant - For Your Pits and More!


If you’ve used our Stick-Up Natural Deodorant, you’re probably used to its high praise! Its unique formula, featuring awesome ingredients like hemp seed oil, arrowroot, candelilla wax, and of course bentonite clay, helps it live up to the hype!


But DYK, those awesome ingredients can help Stick Up do more than just freshen your pits?


Because of its creamy consistency and its healing and absorbing properties, Stick-Up doubles as the perfect diaper rash remedy or soothing balm for bug bites, cuts, or lacerations.


Conveniently in stick form, it can be transported in your diaper bag, purse, or gym bag, allowing you to scale down on the items you need to carry along on summer outings with the family because you’ll find everything you need with this wonder stick.

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