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Primal Life Organics Blog — bentonite clay

Benefits of Bentonite Clay

A smile is the best outfit you can ever put on. However, wearing a bold smile might seem like a problem when your dental health is threatened. Of course, it is recommended to keep your teeth sparkling clean with a toothbrush and choice of toothpaste but finding the right dental products that you fully trust can be quite challenging. 

Surprising as it sounds, typical toothpastes are loaded with chemicals and harmful ingredients to your dental health.

Taking good care of our teeth is essential. After all, it’s our first line of defense for anything that gets into our bodies. And when it comes to natural remedies for effective oral health, nothing comes close to the goodness of Bentonite clay in toothpowder.

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Brushing With Bentonite Clay: The Dental Benefits of Brushing Your Teeth With Toothpowder

Here’s the truth: That tube of toothpaste sitting on your sink - the one you use every morning and every night - is toxic.

It’s saturated with chemicals and dangerous ingredients that have no business in your mouth or body. Yet, somehow, we’re all still taught to use traditional fluoride toothpaste without a second thought.

It’s time to pull the curtain back and expose the very real, very serious dangers associated with toothpaste.

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