Green Tea: More than Just a Tasty Tea

Whether you’re in line at Starbucks or visiting your local fresh market or grocery store, you’ll find it very easy to locate green tea on the menu and on the shelf of the aisles. This tea has risen to great popularity…but it has more to do with what it does rather than how it tastes.

Green Tea really is a superfood. It supports brain and heart health, immunity, weight management and helps balance blood sugar…but did you know it also does wonders for your skin!?!?

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Mid-Day Boost for your Breath and Skin!

If you’re looking for an “after-lunch breath fresher”…look NO further! Dirty Mouth Gum Serum has everything you need to (healthily) restore freshness to your breath. No matter how much or what kind you consume, gum and mints aren’t the solution…actually, they make bad breath worse - by adding more sugar and bacteria into the mix!

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