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Cheek Stain: For your lips!

If you haven’t already, it may be time for you to discover our All-Natural Blush… and rethink the art of color.


Yes, go beyond the cheek and discover what else this blush can do. More than just a beautiful stain for your cheeks, our blush can dub as a perfect pop of color for your lips, as well!!!

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All-Natural Makeup Demo — Wet vs Dry Techniques

All-Natural Makeup Demo — Wet vs Dry Techniques

Quick question… Did you know Primal Life Organics carries makeup? Of course we do!

We make Foundation, Cheek Stain and Lid Stain all from natural ingredients. The color comes from food! Things like cocoa, hibiscus, beets, spirulina and other beautiful items made by Mother Nature herself. Things that won’t irritate the skin like lab-made commercial makeup can.

Our makeup is completely different than most — if not all — makeup that is on the market. If you are nervous about trying it, watch this demo. I’ll show you how to use the makeup with wet and dry techniques, giving you even more tips and tricks along the way. You’ll even learn about the amazingness that is clay. Yes, clay.

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How To Choose Your Foundation Color

Purchasing make up online can feel a little... color confusing! Right? That was one of my concerns when I decided to develop my make up line Primal colors. Would women be able to pick the right colors?? The answer is yes- most women intuitively know what shades they are looking for. I developed Primal Colors because I felt "heavy" with my make up on....

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