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Empact Nutrition For Women

I have searched long and far for a snack bar and protein shake that tastes amazing, is made with shitake and Rishi mushrooms for their immune-boosting support, sweetened with natural and non-gut irritating monk fruit and made for women!!  

I'm tired of forcing myself to eat another bar just because I'm starving!  I'm tired of protein shakes that taste like chalk... or worse, fake chocolate and horrible vanilla!


It passes ALL of my requirements for healthy and nutritious: 

✔ 15g protein

✔ plant-based

✔ gluten-free

✔ keto-friendly

✔️ zero sugar

✔ dairy-free

✔ vegan (not a requirement for me, but for many)

✔ soy-free

✔ non-GMO

✔ high in fiber, aka 💩-friendly

✔ paleo-friendly

✔ kid-friendly and ❤️.  Mom approved

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Vibration Plate

A Whole Body Vibration Training Plate vibrates at a specific frequency and is used to activate your hormonal, cardiovascular, lymphatic, and nervous systems simultaneously.

These vibration frequencies also help oxygen and nutrients get to your muscles and other tissues more efficiently, which can aid in flexibility, blood flow, muscle soreness, and can even reduce levels of cortisol, your main stress hormone.

By sitting or standing on the vibrating platform, your muscles will relax and contract a dozen times each second - giving you better results in less time.

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It's Matcha Time! - Get To Know The Benefits Of Matcha

This Matcha Smoothie is the perfect pick-me-up for you and your skin! It's loaded with antioxidants, from both the green tea and the fruits and vegetables, so it's a healthy option for your morning or afternoon.

Unlike traditional green tea, which is steeped in water, matcha is made from ground green tea leaves— so the whole leaf is consumed.

This makes it high in antioxidants and gives it a stronger “green tea” flavor when you drink it.

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TREAT YOURSELF... Red, White and Black Smoothie!

At first glance, it may be hard to believe that this dark-colored smoothie bowl can brighten up your day… but it’s true!

This tasty and nutritious Smoothie Bowl is overflowing with goodness: electrolyte-rich coconut water, antioxidant-packed fruits, and mineral-loaded greens… Plus, our not-so-secret (but FAVORITE)
ingredient—activated charcoal!!!

Activated charcoal has the ability to draw out toxins. It works through the digestive tract by trapping toxins in the gut and preventing them from being absorbed. Woo Hoo, right?

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How to make KETO work for your body!

There is no question that Keto works. It’s a strict high-fat, low-carb approach that denies the body glucose as a main source of energy, and instead promotes the production and use of ketone bodies as fuel. 

Keto is a great way to move off a weight plateau, gain willpower, and get results fast. But going Keto also often results in gastrointestinal discomfort, low energy, and moodiness—known as the “Keto Flu”—which makes it unpleasant, and hard to sustain. 

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