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Work-In Pilates TODAY!!

Work your core, strengthen your muscles, improve your mind and body… but remember to create a variety of interests.  Don’t get stuck in a yogi-rut.  Experiment with Pilates and you will not only improve the integrity of your spine, but your yoga practice will improve too!

Today’s yoga session is actually a Pilates experience. If you are a yogi, it is very beneficial to alternate different types of yoga, or add a few pilates classes to your schedule. Stacey is the owner of Barre Pose Studio in Akron, Ohio and she describes the benefits of pilates and takes the staff of Primal Life Organics through a 15 minute class! Enjoy! This was an amazing class- so share this with your family and friends!

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Work-In Yoga: Healthy Work Tips

Get HEALTHY at work!  It’s not that hard!

Join the staff of Primal Life Organics and Heather Baur as we show you some easy, cost effective tools you can take to work… or ask your boss to purchase for you!!

This was a fun session as Heather turned up the heat and engaged our core!  It is a MUST-PARTICIPATE session!

Trina, CEO Primal Life Organics and Skincare Biohacker…. hacking the way you take care of you mind, body and soul!

Lululemon Shorts similar to Trina’s to sport under dresses.  Love the pocket to hold cell phone and miscellaneous items.

Balance Board

Ball Chair: Trina’s Zenergy  work chair or regular ball chair

Yoga Flow (15 Minutes) with Heather Baur

If you have 15 minutes, Primal Life Organics can get you to FEEL BETTER!! We are not talking our skincare (which will make you look younger, feel better and live longer), but our weekly broadcasted 15 minute Work-In Yoga Session with PLO Yogi Heather Bauer!

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