THE Fix for Split Ends

It’s summertime, Primal Lifers…and we all know nothing can give you that “fresh summer” look like beautiful, glowing skin and flowing mermaid waves?
It’s no secret what Blue Tansy Oil - one of our favorite ingredients included in our Blu Berry Elixir  - can do for your skin, but what you may not know, is it can do wonders for your hair, as well.
In all its versatile glory, Blue Tansy Oil's 

nourishing and hydrating power can be used extended to hair to moisturize, rejuvenate split ends, and calm unruly strands while also protecting it against harsh treatment from the sun, blow dryers, chlorine, and flat irons. Sounds like everything you need for the summer, right?


So, the next time you’re applying your Blu Berry Elixir (with Quiver of course) RE-MEMBER this tip and add a few drops of this magical elixir to the ends of your hair…and watch your hair come back to life.