The Vast Power of Crystals: How They Can Aid Your Skin

When you hear the word “crystal”, what do you think of? Jewelry? Décor? A psychic?

How about improving sleep, healing the body, reducing anxiety, good energy, and skincare? Crystal’s abilities are really starting to come to the surface and shock people with what they can do.

Crystals in skincare have become a major trend, and we are not opposed! They have such a vast number of benefits to the skin, and it’s hard to believe they’re just now becoming a hit. There is no actual science behind this stance, but crystals have been used for hundreds to thousands of years in skincare regimens because of their effects. It is more of a holistic take on things, but once you give skincare products made with crystals a shot, you may never turn back…

5 Crystals That are Known to Improve Your Skin 

Black Onyx is known as the stone of protection. Fitting for such a tough-sounding name, right? Due to its ability to reduce stress and provide peace, your skin will be able to release tension and no longer take a beating from it. This happens because there is a reduction of inflammation and healthy blood circulation, giving you the natural glow you probably crave! 

Rose quartz is the crystal of love, forgiveness, and compassion. Since this stone is so gentle, it is wonderful for bringing youthfulness back to the skin and is easy on sensitive skin types. It is a great cooling stone that is extremely beneficial for conditions like rosacea, eczema, and rashes. 

This next one is one everyone needs in their skincare routine – clear quartz. This is an excellent crystal to use in the morning before starting your busy day. It can aid in achieving focus, gaining clarity, and manifesting your desires. It has also gained the name “master healer” since it can help improve the skin and minimize fine lines and wrinkles! 

Did you know purple is a great color to incorporate in interior décor because of its calming abilities? It’s recommended to be used in bedrooms, dining rooms and/or living rooms since they are notorious places for relaxing. Purple is the color of the amethyst crystal that provides calming energy and beauty sleep. It has the power of cellular regeneration, making it supreme to be used on skin imperfection, blemishes, and everyday use.

Incorporating jade is the new and improved skincare trend. It has the ability to reduce puffiness, increase circulation, and contour while lifting facial skin. It also promotes harmony and balance, which are great and needed feelings for the year 2021. Can you agree?

Did you know that Jade Rollers are an easy, simple, and effective way to incorporate jade into your skincare routine? Primal Life Organics offers a Gemstone Collection consisting of a Jade Roller, Aura Serum, and Mystic Serum – all of which include healing crystals and ingredients. Simply apply the serum to your skin and evenly spread it out with the Jade Roller. This process can be done with any elixir or moisturizer of your choice! Primal Life hand-makes all-natural skincare products that provide the nutrients your skin needs to look and feel its absolute best. When applying these products with a chilled Jade Roller, your skin can soon experience a new level of regeneration, healing, and calmness.

Now that you know the true power of crystals, ensure your skincare routine contains a crystal element of your choice. They’re natural, beautiful, and a rather underrated skincare hack.