[VIDEO] 4 Reasons You Should Switch to Natural Makeup

Many women are so used to wearing makeup every day that putting it on in the morning has become habit. It gets washed off at night (usually) and then reapplied in the morning before breakfast.

They grab a new shade of eye shadow while wandering through Target. A tube of lip gloss might nestle its way into the shopping cart between the bread and eggs. It’s become so routine that muscle memory takes over the buying and applying.

But have you ever stopped and looked at the ingredients on the package? Have you considered the chemicals that are added to foundation to make it buttery smooth or the harsh ingredients added to eye shadow to make it sparkle? Probably not.

If you slow down in the makeup aisle or do a quick search online, you’ll find that more and more companies are making all-natural makeup. These products are very safe for the skin, cruelty-free and environmentally conscious.

Want to ditch the chemicals and find an alternative? Consider these four reasons to go all-natural.

1. Give your skin a break  

Commercial makeup is made with all sorts of chemicals and preservatives that your skin isn’t usually exposed to. These chemicals -- that stay on your face all day long -- can do some serious damage.

For example, silicone clogs your pores, trapping dirt and sweat. Sulfates dehydrate your skin and hair. As chemicals take their toll, you’ll notice the need to use more and more products over time.

Makeup made from all-natural ingredients do not contain anything made in a lab. The companies that make them are focused on making quality products that are organic, high in antioxidants and filled with essential oils. They want to ensure their makeup has a positive impact on your body.

All-natural makeup won’t harm your skin. In fact, they can help retain elasticity and moisture and keep your skin clean… all while enhancing your natural beauty.

2. Do-it-yourself

Do you like making your own skincare? You could try your hand at making your own makeup. If you’re really concerned about what’s going in to your products, you won’t have to wonder when you’re the one making them.

Makeup can be made from common household items such as cocoa powder, cornstarch, arrowroot powder and coconut oil. You can make a wide variety of products with a few simple recipes without the need for any harsh chemicals, silicones, sulfates and more.

If you’re not up to the task of building your own makeup kit, don’t worry. It’s not for everyone. The DIYers of the world spend hours concocting makeup alternatives. And even then, they might not work with your skin or be what you want. But if you like a good challenge, try making some makeup at home.

3. Cruelty-free and animal friendly

Before big brands release makeup to the world, they have to make sure it’s safe and effective for nearly anyone to use. However, testing is often done on animals. This fact is so far removed from the dazzling palettes of color, that it’s hard to remember.

The Humane Society’s Fact Sheet details skin and eye irritation tests that involve rubbing chemicals on bare skin and into the eyes of animals.

All-natural makeup comes from naturally occurring ingredients, such as clay, that do not require extensive testing and torture on animals. Buying this makeup and supporting the companies that make it will do more than just enhance your natural beauty. Switching to cruelty-free products will help save animals now and in the future as it lessens the demand for makeup tested on animals.

4. Help the environment

Since beauty products are made with a never-ending list of chemicals, what are those chemicals doing to the environment? It’s a whole lot of damage, that’s what.

For a while, companies were using microbeads for extra exfoliation in liquid and gel-based products. These tiny plastic particles can’t decompose once they’re washed down the drain. Research showed how microbeads could harm the environment. The United States banned their use, but products with microbeads can still be purchased from online retailers such as Amazon.

Microbeads aren’t the only offender. In fact, numerous harmful and destructive chemicals can be lurking in the beauty aisle: Titanium dioxide has been shown to harm marine wildlife. Diethanolamine can form into carcinogens over time. Some products can even cause breast cancer.

Instead of risking environmental and personal harm by using everyday beauty products and makeup, consider switching to all-natural products. Most companies that make all-natural makeup use earthen ingredients that won’t cause long-term damage.

Ready to switch?

Once you start looking for reasons to switch to all-natural makeup, the list will be endless. Many people are looking for better ways to enhance their natural beauty without harming their skin, animals or the environment.

Makeup made with natural ingredients is all about transparency and sustainability. If you’re looking for an alternative to what’s currently in your makeup bag, all-natural ingredients would be a smart choice.