[VIDEO] 5 Rules to Protect Your Skin in the Summer

June 28, 2018

Summer is here!! And so is my annual reminder to protect your skin in the sun at all times.

Are you willing to risk everlasting sun spots, wrinkles, and sunburn for the sake of a seasonal tan?

Even worse, too much exposure to UV rays increases your risk of skin cancer. UV light is the major risk factor for most skin cancers according to the National Council on Skin Cancer Prevention.

So… Here are 5 rules to protect your skin this summer -- and still get your sun-kissed glow.

1. Wear Non-Toxic SPF

Wearing an SPF of at least 30 on a daily basis is a must. It doesn’t matter if it’s cloudy, raining or incredibly bright out, the sun still emits harmful UV rays that can reach your skin.

The SPF isn’t the only factor to consider. You also have to think about harmful ingredients. Many commercial sunscreens are made with ingredients like oxybenzone and octinoxate that can penetrate the skin and build-up in side the body.

These ingredients act like estrogen in the body. This imbalance can alter sperm production, cause other reproductive health issues, and find its way into breast milk.

For a natural SPF, look for natural sun protectors made with shea butter and coconut , carrot seed and raspberry seed oils.

2. Exfoliate & Moisturize

Dull, dry skin is a sign of dead skin build-up. This is very common during the summer. So how do you fight rough skin from appearing?

Regular exfoliation will remove the top layer of dead skin and dirt to expose more radiant, youthful skin. All-natural exfoliants made with brown sugar, coffee grounds, essential oils and such are the best.

If you want to make your own exfoliator, experiment with ingredients such as ground oatmeal, sea salt, brown sugar and olive oil.

You’ll also want to make sure you are regularly moisturizing. This helps your skin stay balanced and youthful looking. If you skip moisturizing, your skin many become overly dry or oily. Both extremes will lead to a variety of skin issues.  

3. Use a Natural Serum

Are you neglecting the importance of facial serums? Using a cleanser is easy, and moisturizers tend to be cheaper than serums. Yet a serum has many benefits.

A facial serum is like a lightweight moisturizer that is able to penetrate more deeply into the skin. This allows the ingredients to get work faster, creating efficient, noticeable results.

During hot, summer days, the best skincare serum to moisturize your skin should be made of all-natural ingredients. Ingredients like calendula, natural clays, herbs and essential oils will calm, soothe and protect your skin.

If you stick to using serums with harmful ingredients such as parabens, triclosan and fragrance, you’re rolling the dice on letting your skin become irritated and full of chemicals.

4. Drink Plenty of Water

Drinking water helps all of the functions in your body, flushes out toxins, and impacts the look and feel or your skin.

If you want soft, glowing skin, you have to stay hydrated. This is especially true on hot, sweaty days. Keep the water flowing.

You might also want to increase the amount of hydrating foods you eat. These include:

  • Cucumber
  • Berries
  • Melons
  • Grapes
  • Pears
  • Tomato

5. Get Plenty of Sleep

Whether you’re not getting enough sleep due to long summer nights or long nights at the office, your skin will start showing it soon enough.

Proper sleep allows your body to repair and recover from the day’s activities. Getting less than 6 hours of sleep each night increases the appearance of wrinkles and causes puffy eyes.

So get your beauty rest -- literally!


Make this the summer you don’t neglect your skin! Follow these 5 rules to keep your skin in good shape while still having fun in the sun.

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