What Happens When you Transition to Natural Deodorant [VIDEO]

December 06, 2018

Have you ever changed brands with one of your personal care products? You probably realized that not all products are created equal. Even something as simple as lotion can vary greatly across brands.

But what about deodorant? You can find it in a variety of scents, with 24-hour protection or extra odor fighting power, and more benefits. I’m sure you’ve tried different ones with different levels of satisfaction. Yet have you tried switching to a natural deodorant?

Switching to a natural deodorant can be a completely different experience. It comes with its own challenges -- and benefits. What should you know before making the transition from store-bought to natural deodorant? We have the scoop.

Why You Need to Switch

Most people would assume that if their deodorant is working, there’s no need to make a switch. However, so many of us don’t realize the dangers of store-bought deodorant. They can be packed with harmful ingredients. The side effects can be as mild as irritation and redness to as severe as major health issues like an increased risk of cancer to Alzheimer’s disease.

Switching to a natural deodorant would be a safe alternative. Yet the process might not be as simple as you’d think. You’ll want to know some of the key changes that can happen through the transition before the natural deodorant starts to really work on its own.

You’ll be Sweatier

Part of our attraction to deodorants is that they can help us sweat less. However that isn’t good for us. Sweating helps cool us down and remove toxins from the body. Natural deodorant won’t include ingredients that clog your pores and sweat glands.

When you switch to natural deodorant, you’ll allow your skin to breathe and sweat once again. It will resume its natural process to remove years of toxic buildup. You’ll start to sweat -- maybe more than usual.

Once you stop using antiperspirants, your body will have to readjust. You might sweat more than usual, but that will even out after a few weeks. Try to be patient and get through it. You can always reapply your natural deodorant throughout the day.

What’s that smell?

Deodorant helps to deodorize your pits. But you might notice that you stink a little more than usual when you switch to natural deodorant. Similar to sweating more, this is your body’s way of adjusting to the new product.

A natural deodorant made with fragrant essential oils -- not chemically made fragrance -- will help cover any smells. After a few weeks, when the detoxing is complete, the smell will go away.

Natural deodorants made with ingredients such as magnesium or baking soda will help neutralize any odor. If you have sensitive skin, take note: baking soda can be irritating. Which brings us to…

Skin Irritation

Some ingredients in natural deodorant can irritate the skin. Your armpits can become red, inflamed and itchy. The main culprit? Baking soda.

Baking soda is added to many natural deodorants because it’s quite effective at neutralizing odor. However, it easily disrupts the pH of the armpit, causing great irritation.

If you want to avoid any issues, look for natural deodorants made without baking soda. They’re not the most common, but they’re easy to find.


Allowing your body adjust to a natural deodorant may take a few weeks. Yet in the end, you’ll be glad you did it. You’ll have less sweat and stink -- and less harmful ingredients.

Looking for an effective, all-natural deodorant that doesn’t include baking soda? Get a stick of Stick Up from Primal Life Organics. It’s made with magnesium and zinc oxide to help neutralize odor while being gentle on the skin.

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