Whiten Your Smile Without Peroxide!

Whiten Your Smile Without Peroxide!

This article was updated on January 20, 2024

Carbamide peroxide is the main ingredient in most standard teeth-whitening products. It breaks down into hydrogen peroxide to bleach the color of your teeth through chemical reaction. The ADA considers this a safe way to brighten teeth, but let’s stop to think about it: we are bleaching our teeth and exposing them to the same type of chemicals we’d use to clean a dirty bathtub. That shouldn’t be the standard for how to whiten teeth!

Research shows that strong whitening products, especially those containing between 30 and 35 percent of peroxide, can burn the soft tissue of the gums and create painful irritation. Many adults using at-home whitening kits have also reported systemic effects like an upset stomach and burning mouth and throat.

Worse yet, the whitening products we’ve been told to use and trust are known to weaken the enamel and dentin responsible for making our teeth strong and white. A growing body of research proves the dangers of peroxide whitening products:

  • Bleaching agents increase porosity of surface enamel
  • Bleaching agents steal minerals from teeth and reduce protein concentration
  • Bleaching agents disrupt natural calcium-to-phosphate ratio
  • Bleaching agents leach calcium from teeth

All of this means that repeated use of commercial whitening products puts your teeth at risk of becoming weak, brittle, and irreparably damaged.

Enter our new V4 Real White Teeth Whitening System.  We combine red and blue LED lights with a peroxide free gel to brighten your smile and strengthen your smile!

  • Red light helps soothe gum tissue and stimulate new growth. 
  • Blue light helps whiten the teeth by killing the bacteria that cause discolorations and cavities.  
  • Our peroxide-free gel helps remove stains while strengthening the teeth