Whole Body Health Starts Inside Your Mouth.

Shared from Mind Body Spirit with Dr. Katye Susse D.C.

Our passion for helping people improve their health created an instant bond for Dr. Kayte and me.  We share a desire to improve wellness through natural means as opposed to artificial toxins and chemicals. 

We chat about oral health, skincare, and overall health...

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I am here to support your whole-body health in every way possible.  Good health begins inside your mouth... so let's start there!

In order to improve your dental health, I recommend a complete oral detox.  Your mouth tissue is exposed to environmental and food toxins all day.  These toxins are held in your mouth tissues and can be absorbed into your body.

An oral detox can improve your internal health... and your dental health.  I suggest starting with my 21-Day Oral Detox Kit which is designed to 10x to cleanse your mouth tissues while healing your gums and remineralizing the teeth.